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The Fille Files (August 27 - September 2)

Posted on the 02 September 2011 by Cinefilles @cinefilles

Each week, the Filles bring you some of our favourite films finds of the week -  news, reviews,  features, interviews, tweets, new releases, etc. -  just in case you missed them.
  • Our Top 11 TIFF Canadian Film Picks (Torontoist): Need some help navigating the Canadian flicks at TIFF? This list has some pretty good suggestions. We recommend Hard Core Logo II too. And if you haven't seen it yet, the prequel is playing too.
  • 14 Things We Learned From 2011's Summer Movies (IGN): It's tough to disagree with most of these learnings from the movies released this summer. Cases in point: "The Hangover II: A Huge Hit... That No One Liked" and "Jack Sparrow Need To Do... Something". Right?
  • The She Decade (Vanity Fair): A profile on Jane Fonda. Because Jane Fonda is amazing: "member of a leading Hollywood dynasty, Broadway actress, international film star, relentless political activist, physical-fitness entrepreneur, author."
  • Shark Night 3D: What better way to wrap up summer than with a bloody, shark flick? We refrain from saying campy because this one actually looks intense.
  • This is Not a Film: This mockumentary channelling René Magritte was released in 2003, but returns to Toronto for free. Why? In attempt to draw attention to the possibility of director Jafar Panahi's six-year jail sentence and ban from making films for the next 20 years. And writing screenplays. And giving interviews. And leaving Iran.

From the director of Dogtooth comes something even darker: the story of a service that stands in for the dead.

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