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The Fact in Sofia's Fiction

By Sofiaessen

Dear Blog Readers,
If you ask her, Sofia will admit her characters in Change of Pace are based on actual people.
Her story might be largely fictitious but the cast of her novel is not.
Chances are you have met the characters in Change of Pace if you know Sofia personally. Even if you don’t know her, you’ll probably be able to figure out who some of the characters are in real life. The real Oliver Trent, for example, is someone many people are becoming increasingly familiar with.
I highly recommend you purchase Sofia’s novel and dive into her world. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be asking for more and thinking about booking a flight to Crete. And if you do fly to Crete, make sure you visit Chania. You’ll almost certainly bump into someone you’ve just read about in Sofia’s book!  
Happy Reading,
Jules Andreas

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