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Morticia Addams Meets Summer

By Sofiaessen

Morticia Addams Meets SummerWhen it comes to clothes, you can never go wrong with black. At least, that has always been my opinion. You’d probably think you were looking at Morticia Addams’ wardrobe if you took a peek at mine.  I’m loyal to black and I always will be. However, this summer my favorite boutiques are encouraging me to wrap myself in vivid color as well as soft neutrals and pastels. I’m also being tempted by pretty lace and flowing floral prints on display in every shop window I pass… And I have given in to temptation. I bought a dress which looks more like a work of art that should be hanging on a wall than something I would wear. So am I going to wear it? I’m not sure. But you know what? I have a bare wall in my bedroom that it’s just perfect for!   

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