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The Ethics Of Collecting Nazi Memorabilia

By Gerard @presurfer
The Ethics Of Collecting Nazi Memorabiliaimage credit
Why would anyone collect Nazi memorabilia? The problem with anything bearing a Nazi swastika, regardless of its historical value, is that most people find the symbol offensive. It was the banner of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, which was responsible for the slaughter of millions of people.
But for collectors like Kevin Mackey, Nazi memorabilia, particularly those bearing the swastika, are unambiguous reminders of this suffering. Though upsetting to many, Mackey believes these pieces have a place in any discussion of World War II. To obliterate the symbols of Nazi Germany, he says, would be to obliterate that period from our knowledge, and to forget what took place. We need to be aware of what caused Nazi Germany, what happened, and how much horror came to this world because of it.
(thanks Lisa)The Presurfer

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