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The Era In Antartek

Posted on the 30 June 2011 by Pelski
The Era In Antartek
Flutes, bombos and gaitas stick out their hand luggage, and the mysteries of the dance floor emanate from their Andean charm. They've come to summon the spirits from Gottwood's lake, while unlocking the secrets of the woodland in their wake, but they'll be lucky if they get any of that ancient medication past security. It must be Matanza.
Revered for their authentic take on Andean Street House, these shaman of the sound system have been causing a mystical ruckus on Antartek Records since their inception. Their careers started in the bohemian quarters of Chille, where that all too familiar transition took place, jumping from Hip-Hop to tropical Chicago house experimentation, finally culminating in that definitive Matanza sound.
Pelski and I are proud to be hosting their UK debut at Gottwood this weekend, where we shall see you down there for a riotous stomp, casting evil spirits over the canopies and into the night. Here's their ep for free download to get you in the mood, including a remix from another of Antartek Records hidden gems Daniel Klauser.
Be sure to check out the new Antartek Records website here, where you can download this whole Matanza release for free!
Matanza - Apolinar EP by Antartek Records
See you at Gottwood!

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