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The End of a Formal Letter in Italian Language

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy

letter How to end a letter in Italian language?
You are writing a letter and you are at the end. How can you finish a letter in Italian language? All depends on what kind of letter you are writing. Here the different sentences for the more formal letters
If you want to get a feedback  you can use this sentences In attesa di suo riscontro  Waiting for your reply
In attesa di suo gentile riscontro Waiting for your kind reply (if you want to be polite)
In attesa di un vostro pronto riscontro Waiting for your prompt response (if you have repeatedly asked for a reply and have not yet had contact)
The greetings will be Cordiali saluti - it's a friendly but formal closure
Distinti saluti  - it is a formal and detached closure (it is usually used in a first contact or in  the solicitation of an answer. It is also used in the professional and very formal relationships)
Do not use these formulas in a friendly letter ... your friends could think you are crazy

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