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The Emperor Has No Clothes – Restaurant Division.

By Johntalbott

Since I’ve already weighed in on my top picks of the year I thought it only fair to list those places that were the worst of 2012.  These are not the worst places I ate at but rather those hyped, reviewed favorably or entering with pedigrees that qualify them as big disappointments.

Like the Guignols I’ll list them in descending order:

#6 Ma Cocotte in St Ouen – Sorry folks, you can’t eat the scenery.

#5 La Dame de (Anne-Sophie) Pic – Bad enough that she charges for this food but the critics lap it up because of who she is or at least was.

#4 Antoine de Montmartre – After his crash at the Moulin de la Galette, confused menu at Chamarré Montmartre and brilliant recovery at the Clocher de Montmartre, he dove down once more into the abyss.

#3 Youpi & Voila – No there, there.

#2 Chez Marcel – on everyone’s “best of” list, makes you wonder who’s doing his PR.

#1 Les Grandes Tables de l’Ile Seguin – Arnaud Daguin’s latest clunker (following the disaster at the Café Pleyel).

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