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The Embarrassing Would You Rather Tag

By Bambileigh

So I saw this over on Katie’s blog (check it out here) and it looked like a lot of fun so I thought I’d do it too! And you know me, I love a good ol’ tag!

1. Would you rather have running eyeliner all the way down to your cheeks or lipstick on your teeth?

Definitely lipstick on the teeth! I work with the elderly, the majority of whom have bad eye sight so they wouldn’t notice! I also find that whenever I wear lipstick I check my teeth quite a lot anyway, so I wouldn’t have to have it on there for long. Imagine how embarrassing running eyeliner would be! I freak out whenever I smudge a flick, so having it running down my face would be awful!

2. Would you rather have toilet paper sticking out of your skirt or a Cheeto in your hair?

You can get Cheetos in the UK, but they’re not as common as they seem to be in the US, so if I had a cheeto in my hair that would mean that I’d been eating them, and I LOVE cheetos so I wouldn’t even be sorry!

3. Would you rather accidentally fart loudly on a date or in a job interview?

Funny story: The first time I ever stayed over night with my now boyfriend (no funny business!) I fell asleep first and apparently I farted really loud. But now we’ve been together three years so I guess it can’t have been that bad! So I would choose fart on a date.

4. Would you rather have nude pictures leaked on the internet or have your browser history displayed on Facebook?

My browser history online. Who’s history would be so bad that they’d rather have nudes leaked?! My history’s really boring – just wordpress and youtube!

5. Would you rather your boss/teacher or your crush overhear you talk badly about them with someone?

Definitely my ‘crush’ – imagine the chaos that could ensue if your boss heard!

6. Would you rather meet Chris Hemsworth and accidentally spit on his face while talking or accidentally spill your drink on him and ruin his shirt?

See, I could spill my drink and then kind of pat at his shirt to help dry him off OR I could spit on him and then I would have an excuse to touch his face… I just don’t know!

7. Would you rather be invited to give a speech at the Oscars and accidentally burp in the microphone or accidentally trip on your own dress, falling and tearing it in half?

I’d rather burp I think, you’d be able to live it down a lot quicker than tearing your dress! Plus you could just blame the burp on too much bubbly!

8. Would you rather fall at the VMS and land with your hand on Beyonce’s boob or fall and land with your hand on Nicki Minaj’s butt?

I think everything would go down a lot smoother if you touched Nicki’s butt – you could make a joke by saying like, you can’t help but touch her butt… ’cause it’s so big?

9. Would you rather go to a charity fundraiser gala in sweatpants or go to the event in a bikini?

Sweatpants! I don’t even wanna see myself in a bikini so I’m not going to force it on poor innocent bystanders!

10. Would you rather everyone at school/work read your text messages or your parents read your texts with your crush?

Both are pretty boring so I really wouldn’t care!

Phew, I had to think pretty hard about number 6 and 8! I tag everyone that see’s this, it’s such a fun little one to do!

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