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The Easiest Way to Disguise Your Internet Router

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1
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The Easiest Way to Disguise Your Internet Router

The Easiest Way to Disguise Your Internet Router by Chic California

Recognize this? Of course you do! It’s your internet router, the bane of a decorators existence! Your router is ugly and an eye sore and you want to hide it. But it needs to be hidden in plain site because heaven knows you can’t risk a slow or blocked signal. You have pins to pin, movies to stream, blogs to read! I wanted to hide my router too when I gave my office/craft room a makeover. The easiest solution? Hide it in a book! Of course for me it had to be a vintage book!

Router Hidden In Vintage Books

Can you find it?

How to hide your internet router

Hidden in plain sight in a Vintage Dictionary cover. Just make sure you choose a book that will be tall enough to fully cover your book. And with an Exacto knife cut along the spine of the book being careful not to cut through the cover of the book.

How to hide an internet router with a vintage book

Your book without the pages will be a bit delicate. So handle it with care. And don’t throw away all those vintage book pages you just removed. These are perfect for crafting, using in your display or in decorating in other areas of your home.

How to use a Vintage Book to Hide a Router

You can bundle your hidden router with other books as I did or just use one book and turn your router on it’s side. Then you can use it as a base for other displays.

Hidden Internet router

Either way, it’s a great way to disguise an everyday essential in your home.

crate with hidden router

Hidden internet Router pic


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