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The Earning Potential for College Students

Posted on the 11 March 2011 by Epmworld @EPMWORLD_HYD
  1. Pragmatic outlook on academic inputs: Don’t focus on your subjects only from the perspective of examinations.  Understand the relevance of each and every topic in your day to day life.  Co-relate them with things, situations, happenings, business matters, knowledge addition, practical application, future relevance, career aspect, or any mundane aspect.  Expand your mind to look into the details and comprehensiveness.  Depend on the text books and reference books.  Never focus on guide books alone.  Get things clarified from your faculty or peers.  Create a study network with like minded students.  This will help you maintain the academic momentum.
  2. Excellence in academics: Question yourself!  Why can’t you achieve this when you spend several years and thousands of hours on education?  Understand the future value of this.  You could become an inventor.  You could discover some thing big.  You could reach professional heights in your career.  You could become an author.  Any thing is possible when you grow with excellence.  This excellence would make the strongest foundation for the rest of your life.
  3. Scientific temper: Let us not just enjoy the things invented by Einstein and many other distinguished inventors and scientists.  Develop your analytical perspective.  Scientific temper is the cause for innovative approach in your academics or career.
  4. Specialization in any one or 2 subjects: This is very essential.  Without this you will not be able to make out your strength in a constructive and presentable way.  This will form the base for your career development.  You will be recognized after this, once you attain maturity and hold on the subject.
  5. Career path development:  Read with point 4 above.  Don’t postpone your career decisions for post college period.  Upon completion of your college education, you should straight walk into a career or academic specialization.  Every time you should draw relevance of your subject with your future career and profession so that it would accelerate your career progress.  This would be like an experience without being employed.
  6. Individual excellence: You should inculcate conducive personal traits like honesty, team spirit, integrity, moral & ethical values, dependability, and sincerity.  Academic excellence+individual excellence will lead you to consistent success in life.
  7. Moral responsibility towards family and society:  Utmost important for you and for your progeny.  This has lot of reciprocal value.  This approach will give you the invaluable strength, should any untoward things happen in your life.
  8. Social responsibility: Read with point-7.  You should use your knowledge and intellect for the development of others.  We, every one being the elements of this society should take up the ownership to make it good through distribution of knowledge and / or wealth.  Support the needs of others in the way it is possible with you.  It only adds to your personality.  Sharing is the life.
  9. Earning while in college: I accord utmost importance to this.  How is it possible?  Depending upon the culture and approach of your college, you could participate in real time projects extended by Small Businesses.  Take up some related work based on your subject matter, academic relevance or specialization.  It could be market research, website development, project plan development, involving in content research, participating in e-Learning, undertaking marketing and promotional activities, social work, developing multi-media content or any other activity which will give you experience and reward.  Don’t look for money alone to undertake these activities.  Don’t pay even.  Target relevant experience, which is more than a money.  Once you prove it in one or two project assignments you will obviously receive remuneration.  This will translate your academic exposure to practical experience while giving you earning capability while being in college.
  10. Time optimization:  You can’t achieve any of the above things, if you don’t value your time.  Time is every thing.  Time is future.  Time is money when you know how to utilize it.
  11. Entrepreneur instincts: You could raise a start-up taking the support of  your knowledge, expertise, and team spirit.  Store your ideas, have periodical review of the same, consult an expert if required to understand the market relevance of them, try to visualize an enterprise to convert them to business.  Many big businesses were results of ideas born in the campus.

Are you a student reading this posting?  Then note down your score against the above 10 points. If you happen to find the above not being contextual to your college age or you like to strike-off one or more as your later responsibilities [after finishing your college education and settling down in life], you should be missing the greatest opportunity to make your life resourceful and delightful.  You may not be able to abide by or attach with each and every thing at a time.  But you could do it gradually starting with the very first year of your college education.  You should dream and envision your future for greater achievements.

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