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The Drink You Have When You Cant Have A Drink

By Sparklepanda @sparklepanda

June  7th it was. Now its January 9th. That makes it 6 months.
6 months sober. I could have sworn it was longer.
Over the holidays I’ve discovered the joy of “alcohol removed” wines. They taste like shit compared to real wine. What do you expect really when they remove all the fun from the bottle? I balk at spending twice what I paid per bottle at Dan Murphy’s but nevertheless, for a special occasion such as Festivus one must be seen to be partaking in the jolliness of it all.
As things do, it made me think: at what point is it ok for me to have a glass of champers to celebrate something special? When can I enjoy a couple of refreshingly cold ciders on a hot summer’s day? Is 6 months too soon? Is ever too soon? Am I the alcoholic who can never ever touch another drop or its straight back to 2 bottles a night again? Or am I the alcoholic who can drink occasionally, but responsibly?
How do you tell which you are?
Coz I really really want that cold cider.

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