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By Hand (with Thanks to Eden)

By Sparklepanda @sparklepanda

By Hand (with thanks to Eden)
Eden has started her own meme, from her own brain! Who am I to resist? Some sort of self-centred arrogant know-it-all slunk down in a cesspool of self-pity?
Here is my handwriting, in all its mess and angst from my journal when I was in hospital.
By Hand (with thanks to Eden)
My handwriting changes almost with the price of oil. Going back through uni lecture notes, there can be 4 or 5 distinctive handwriting styles within the one lecture.  Some are so minimalist that its impossible for anyone else to read them. 
If you would like to share some of your handwriting, pop along to Edenland and put your name on the list.
By Hand (with thanks to Eden) 

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