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The Drifter Decoder

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by Hiddenobjectgames2011 @NenaLuckypet
The Drifter DecoderThe Drifter Decoder
The computer games usually offer a lot of pleasure whenever we need a little bit of relaxation. Our brain constantly works, so sometimes it gets tired. For this situation, computer games are the right chose. While you play them, they are forcing you to forget on everything and make you leave upsetting things a side. At that moment, there is nothing else just you and the game task, which you need to do. Then, we feel much better. But, sometimes we want to choose a task that attempts our brain. My suggestion for that purpose is The Drifter Decoder game. It is so adorable game that tests your memory skills. If you want you may check how many steps you can remember the most. So, you should start the game and try to remember the moves selected by the computer. In front of you is a decoder with four colors. Computer randomly chooses one move and you have to repeat the same step. The next level with has one more move than previous. It means the game forces you to check your abilities how far you can get without a mistake. Have a nice play!

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