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Team Umizoomi - Geo And Milli 3D Modeling

Posted on the 08 June 2022 by Hiddenobjectgames2011 @NenaLuckypet
This post is for preschool children and parents of all ages, as well. Therefore, it is for all those who have a combination of interest in watching cartoons and 3D modeling. These two loves can degenerate real fun for your free time and that will give you the opportunity to socialize with your child. Making characters with Plasticine from your favorite cartoons, will give you a space to develop many positive qualities and benefits. The most important benefit of all is the effective time spent with your child, and for the child itself the benefits are multiple. Kids are developing mentally and physically with 3d modeling activity that refers to the quality time needed to mold something. And thus encourages the creative development of the child. So, if you are a parent now who is struggling with the new technology (and by that I mean mobile phones), this is one safe way to distract your child from games and keep their attention much longer. For this purpose, I want to suggest watching Umizoomi the animated series for preschoolers and to analyze the main characters carefully. Their names are Milli and Geo, a cute boy and a girl who are brother and sister. Both have a specific appearance, personality and interests that make them easy to love and remember. I hope you will easily make them using play-doh. Let's try to make Milli, first. She is a beautiful little girl with the most beautiful dresses who has abilities related to patterns and measurement. I like her very much and together with my son, we made her using play-doh. In the image bellow you can see how our work of art looks like. We are tried to look as close to the real one as we could. Team Umizoomi - Geo And Milli 3D Modeling Also, there is her brother Geo, too. We love him a lot because of his ingenuity and abilities related to geometric shapes and wears a shape hoop that can create objects by assembling shapes. Just another great character to be made from play-doh. I hope this 3D modeling activity will be fun to you and your kids. Entertain yourself by modeling these amazing math's friends. Have fun! Team Umizoomi - Geo And Milli 3D Modeling

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