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The Dried Fruits and the Italian Language

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy
Imagine : you wake up one day and there is  no more  manufacturing food, so you have to eat the food you find  in nature I would suffer a bit without pasta and pizza but there are some very good things that I could eat. I am a very greedy  of dried fruit = frutta secca and I think I would make a binge of pine nuts= pinoli. The pine nuts are used for so many things: making cakes, make pesto and lots of recipes. They are also tasty eaten alone. Very tasty  and rich in omega 3 are  the walnuts= noci . I’m used to eating two each morning and I like them  a lot. What about the the almonds= mandorle and the hazelnuts= nocciole? All of these would give us  a lot of calories and would sate us enough if we were to sort out the situation with the natural food. 
Then the peanuts = arachidi... you've never tried with the crodino? Spectacular. The pistachios = pistacchi? The pistachio ice cream is delicious but we can eat them alone and they are so tasty! So if you are in Italy here are the names, to recognize the dried fruits and believe me: it is very good!

dried fruits

walnut= noce

dried fruits

mandorla= almond

dried fruits


dried fruit


dried fruits



pinolo = pine nut

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