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The Dreaded "E" Word

By Rockmefabulous @RockMeFabulous

The Dreaded "E" Word

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Most people hate to exercise especially women, myself included, but in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle we have to make exercise a part of our daily lives. Exercise not only keeps us fit and looking good but but it also keeps us mentally sharp, strengthen out muscles and helps prevent a host of ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. People who exercise regularly is said to have an increased sex drive. I know many of you are saying that you just don't have the time to exercise but that's not true, there are many ways to incorporate exercise in your everyday lives.


  • Try to exercise first thing in the morning. I know if I don't start my exercise routine first thing in the morning I tend not to get around to it at all. Plus you probably won't have the energy to exercise after work so a morning exercise is great and you'll feel renewed and rejuvenated after you morning work out.
  • Instead of taking the elevator try walking, you'll burn more calories doing so.
  • If you have children, play with them. Running behind your children is a great way to burn calories because you are exercising but you don't notice because you are having fun and you get to spend quality time with your kids.
  • Keep note of your work-outs. Use a journal or notebook and record your exercise routines and how long you exercised. Keeping track of your work-outs will motivate you when you see your progress.
  • Schedule it. It may sound crazy but scheduling your work-outs will ensure that you do them because you will treat it like a business appointment and sine you won't flake on a business appointment you won't flake on a work-out appointment.

  • Get a friend or family member to work out with you. The more people you work out with the better because you will not only have company but you will also get motivation from the others.
  • Buy work out DVD's. If you use work out videos you'll more likely complete the work out session than if you were alone. With work out DVD's you get virtual company and the instructor will give you encouraging words.
  • Pick up a sport. If you play a sport that you like, you'll be more inclined to play than if you do something you don't like, and let's face it regular exercise is boring so the more fun you can have the better.



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