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the Dr W Challenge

By Survivingana @survivingana

Two weeks ago Sophie’s psychiatrist challenged her to self-care enough to make a difference to her life. Dr W was very no-nonsense about her challenge and really wanted Sophie to pick this up. It was not only about learning decent self-care but also to realize that half of Sophie’s whining and poor attitude was all self-inflicted and would not be there if she changed her life a bit.

Surprise, surprise Sophie actually picked up the challenge. First time EVER she took notice and did exactly what the psychiatrist has asked. (lol, how long have we been seeing Dr W – exactly 3 years – can’t hurry these things).

So Sophie has got up earlier, gone to sleep earlier, not missed meals, eaten better, got dressed most days. And wonders of wonders, even cooked two family meals.

She has noticed a difference. Bit rude to say I told you so. But hey self care does work and it is important to you mental health and your emotions. The wheels are starting to fall off the early starts and having to push herself to achieve this, but a lesson has been learnt. Sophie can changed how her days look, she can change how she feels about life and living. It might seem like small potatoes to many, but to her and others like her just getting out of bed earlier and getting dressed can change a whole day.

We have also managed to get down to 1/4 of the olanzapine every day. The next step now is to miss a dose once a week, then twice a week and so on. Bit scary this next move, but it is now time to try. Now the HSC trials are over, TAC entries are in, and she is finalising her english major work this weekend for lodgement, there is space before the main HSC to start weaning back more on the medication.

Sometimes you think how much longer will all this take, how long the distance is behind you and what is still up ahead. Thankfully we are not given that knowledge, I think that would be just too much. A day at a time, achieving small victories, gradually changing negative into positive is enough to cope with.

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