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The Dark Knight Rises

Posted on the 04 September 2012 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi

The Dark Knight Rises It’s time I finally got down to writing something about one of the most anticipated and hence discussed movies of 2012. The Dark Knight Rises, like any good film, has divided the film watching world into two halves. There are those who adore it and those who were disappointed by it. There are fans that have seen the film countless times and then there are the people who rate it as the weakest in the trilogy.
All said and done I decided to skip reviewing the film early on. There was a part of me that was almost intimidated about writing a review. I felt that everything that needed to be written was already available on the web. The film had been studied under a microscope and while there might be loopholes and timeline issues or the discussion about a knife being able to go through the bat-suit (I recommend re-watching The Dark Knight to answer that question), for me The Dark Knight Rises was two hours forty minutes of pure entertainment, something we call in India as Paisa Vasool (money’s worth). It concluded the trilogy in the same brilliant manner Batman Begins started it.
So, since I had chickened out of a review, I decided to ask Twitter folk what they thought about the film. Although personally I do not feel there aren’t any SPOILERS in the answers, I would still recommend that if you have not watched the film as yet, please do avoid reading below till the time you have.   
And here we have The Dark Knight Rises reviewed in 140 characters or less;
R. ‏@meetneo Christian Bale
Tone ‏@ourmatetone "NO. I came back to STTOPP YOUU!" (pretty much)
Med1c0 ‏@med1c0 the legacy of Ras Al Ghul
Dreamer/kim ‏@ByrneingUP  The chess piece being lifted by a balloon..:{)
Sudha Ganapathi ‏@sudhagee Not seen it yet and wondering whether I should !
Chris Rushworth ‏@chrisrus1 what an amazing story, just wow
Cristina ‏@christimoreano the end of an era!
Film Samurai ‏@FilmSamurai A satisfying conclusion to an epic trilogy. #TDKR
Goldilocks ‏@BeaBea66 Dracula getting out of his coffin :-) Haven't seen TDKR yet but will do soon.
Graham ‏@ukRedSaint no spoilers ;)
NUTS4R2 ‏@nuts4r2 Batman hanging by his arms in issue 1 of Batman: The Cult.
Last Film Seen ‏@LastFilmSeen I can't remember individual images as only read it once but I was also reminded of The Cult after watching#TDKR
Russell ‏@Russell_LDN First fight between Batman and Bane in the sewer.
Darthbx ‏@Darthbx Why such strong reactions to it on both sides?
Jubilympic Hobbit ‏@bilbobaggins2k darkness
Maksim S. ‏@waynesayonara Dey-shey bah-sur-rah :)
Jack Holt ‏@jackkholt Sewer fight. Best fight scene in ages.
Jason Coyle ‏@JayCoyle please don't make me see it again! Too long and weakest of the trilogy
Brian Dunn ‏@bpdreview Unfortunately it's Aurora, Colorado
Stevee Taylor ‏@SteveeTaylor I really really really want to see it again.
tracey thomas ‏@traceyjoa Tom Hardy as Bane
AV ‏@Gora_Mallu Hans Zimmer is the best!
There you have it folks… a perfectly mixed reaction to a film that has brought about “the end to an era”.

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