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The Daily Numbing of the Subconscious

Posted on the 18 August 2011 by Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

What is the first thing you do to relax when you get home from a long day at the office?  Turn on the flat screen TV and veg out in front of the tube for hours?  Do you hit that little ‘Power’  button and turn on the XBox360 or PS3 and play until your thumbs are numb?  Do you plug into the internet and stalk Facebook & search Google for the rest of the night?

The Daily Numbing of the Subconscious

Many of us come home, sit down and zone out in front of the TV, night after night after night. Seeing the same images over and over again. Only talking to your spouse during commercials. Fighting over the remote. Refusing to get up off the couch to get a glass of water because you might ‘miss something’ on TV!   What has happened to the brain power of America?  When did we stop caring about ourselves as individuals and care more about what is shown to us through these amazing technological advances?

Each day, we continue to sit in this bubble of naive acceptance of the so-called truth, and each day our subconscious continues to become numb.  Keep numbing your subconscious, it will become dull…lifeless.  Once this happens, we will not be able to sense what the universe is telling us subconsciously, what we need as individuals subconsciously, and what we need as a collective consciousness.  What can we do to help open our minds, accept change as a way of life, and continue to grow our subconscious to help build the universal consciousness?

First things first.  Unplug yourself!! Turn off the TV.  Power down your XBox. Close your Laptop and put your phone on silent.  Once that is finished, turn to the person next to you and interact!  We have to re-learn how to interact with each other as individuals.  Once we acquire that skill again, we will then start to pick up on each other’s subconscious thoughts and our senses will start to learn to sense other people’s subconscious.

Another way to expand your mind & soul is to get outside!  As children, we were kicked out side to play, by our parents, until the street lights came on.  We got to experience what the universe had to offer at its purest form...nature.  So, get outside and enjoy what the universe created for us all.   Take a walk through the woods.  Take a drive through the beautiful country side.  Have a bon-fire with friends.  Take in the world and you will eventually be one with the world.

The most helpful way to help grow your subconscious and help the collective consciousness, is to learn and experience something new.  Go to your local book store and pick a book on a topic that you have never heard of.  Go to a new restaurant that you would never try before.  Visit the states around your own and learn about their culture and history!   If you continue to grow your mind and subconscious, you will only help yourself and the others around you.

Our mind and subconscious is a living organization and it needs it exercise.   If we continue to numb our senses with trivial devices and accept what is before us, we will be doomed as individuals and as a collective consciousness.

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