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The Daily ME Challenge | Week #1

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
The daily ME challenge | Week #1
  Hello my lovelies!   So as you may have seen a few days ago, I have started a brand new challenge & its pretty big one! For one year I have vowed to take a photo everyday & record how and if I change.. - I know, oh so vain! Now, I have to admit,  I'm a little sceptical about the results. But looking back on photo's of just over a year ago, I have noticed a few things have altered, mostly its my hair & weight, but still its strange to look back at myself like that!   Anyways, The structure of these posts will basically be a 7 day update every week & possibly even a monthly photo post too :) - I'll be very proud of myself If I actually manage to complete this!   Here are this weeks photos:   The daily ME challenge | Week #1    Day #1 Red lippy | Day #2 English weather! | Day #3 extreme bed head! Day #4 Cashmere | Day #5 Glass eyes | Day #6 Crazy eyes... Day #7 generic smile.   Stay tuned each week for the next Daily Me Challenge update. & If you would like to join in, please leave your URLs so I can follow your progress too! (Don't forget to check out The Ravi Osahn Daily photo challenge too)   You can also follow my progress by following me on Instagram @kerysmarie   and searching the hashtag #kerysdaily     Would you ever attempt this challenge?    Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   The daily ME challenge | Week #1  

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