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By Jenny Mac Rogers @jennymac1207
In my day job, I spend a lot of time in Chancery Court. In other states, it may be called something else. In Mississippi, Chancery courts hear certain kinds of cases.

Getting technical
The Daily GrindPer Section 159 of Article 6 of the Mississippi Constitution, "The chancery court shall have full jurisdiction in the following matters and cases, viz.: (a) All matters in equity; (b) Divorce and alimony; (c) Matters testamentary and of administration; (d) Minor's business; (e) Cases of idiocy, lunacy, and persons of unsound mind; (f) All cases of which the said court had jurisdiction under the laws in force when this Constitution is put in operation.
So what does all that mean?
Well, basically, it means the bulk of cases in Chancery court deal with divorce, child custody, wills and estates, and real property.
What does all of that have in common?
It's personal. And it ain't funny. 
Except when it is.
Clearly, Chancery court deals with what most people would deem the most important parts of their lives...their families. Even the real property cases are really about families. (What else would make one spend thousands in legal fees over a half-acre tract of land in the middle of nowhere covered in kudzu?)
But sometimes, people just can't "see" themselves. They lose their objectivity. They make statements and do things that are absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, it's funny. Sometimes you'd cry if you didn't laugh. It isn't for the faint of heart, for sure.
Lately, I've come across a few movie and TV show clips that remind me a whole lot of my day job. So I thought I would give you a taste of what my day is sometimes often like.
First, there are the inevitable custody struggles...

...and then there's equitable distribution.

Enjoy. I'm sure there are some funny clips out there about estate planning. I'll share them with you when I find them.
In the meantime, Keep Calm and....
...oh, just keep calm. A good dose of calm will do us all some good.
Jenny Mac

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