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The CW’s Reign – Mary Queen Of Scots Never Looked So Dippy.

By Kidfreeliving @kidfreeliving
CW Reign mary queen of scots

Does this head make me look fat?

CWs “Reign” Rains Stupidity on Mary Queen of Scots

Leave it to the CW to take a fascinating lady like Mary Queen of Scots and turn her into a lovesick teenage girl running her court like a high school lunch table. The CW has spit out a “Princess Diaries” version of the story of Mary Queen of Scots called “Reign.”  Which started a conversation between Mike and I:

Mike: Did you see that “Reign?”

Me: Did it?

Mike: What?

Me: Rain?

Mike: What the hell are you talking about?

Me: What? I thought it was pretty sunny all day.

Mke: No “REIGN.”

Me: — If you say so, I’m just saying I didn’t see it.

Mike: Oh. It looks awful.

Me: Well, the plants like it.

Mike: What!??

Note to Mike, saying homonyms louder doesn’t clear up confusion.

Well, at least Mary Queen of Scots gets beheaded in the end. I hope “Reign” gets that part right.

So while you’re waiting for that happy eneding, enjoy Monty Python’s “Mary Queen of Scots” which I believe is more historically accurate.

I had this on a Monty Python cassette tape when I was young, and to this day I still randomly say “I think she’s dead…No I’m not.”

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The CW’s Reign – Mary Queen Of Scots never looked so dippy.

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The CW’s Reign – Mary Queen Of Scots never looked so dippy.

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