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The Customary Diamond Engagement Ring Styles & Settings

By Macrogers

The Customary Diamond Engagement Ring Styles & Settings

Shopping for an engagement ring for your fiancée can be the most tough and confusing situation you ever faced in your lifetime, much tougher than the time spend inside a examination hall. You need to select the most beautiful diamond engagement ring of the right size which should simultaneously reflect the special bond of love and dedication shared by you and your fiancée. So you need to buy the right engagement ring that becomes the permanent symbol of your relationship.

We’ll help you make your engagement ring shopping experience exciting and memorable in comparison to the much acclaimed dreadful engagement ring shopping experience. We’ll present you with the most popular engagement ring styles, which will help you in finding the perfect engagement ring that your sweetheart will surely like. So don’t worry and be ready to go on an shopping spree to pick the most magnificent engagement ring as you (or your fiancée) intended.

  • Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

The most common and most admired engagement ring trend that evolved during the 20th century, Classic Solitaire Rings features a single yet dazzling diamond as the prime focus on the band of the engagement ring. This naïve yet graceful engagement ring perfectly reflects the dedicated love you hold for your beloved. Solitaire engagement rings are affordable diamond rings, thus enabling you to select a gigantic diamond to sweep your sweetheart off her feet!

  • Three Stone Engagement Rings

The Trinity Engagement Ring comes with lots of hidden meaning that is well understood by you and your partner, exclusively. A Three Stone Engagement Ring style signifies the eternal journey of love and commitment covered in the past, are on in the present and will embark in the future by you and your dear one. The three diamonds represents each stage of your union and certainly is so beautiful that every passerby is sure to turn to take a second look.

  • Engagement Ring With Side Stones

If your heart craves for more, then the best to suit your taste and preference is the Engagement Ring with Side Stones. Such engagement rings have an extra dazzling effect owing to the center diamond enhanced further with smaller rocks, either surrounding it or encrusted on the band of the engagement ring. The Engagement Ring with Side Stones is indeed a show stopper with the blinging illusion it creates with the extra number of diamonds encrusted on it!

  • Engagement Ring with Matching Band

A rather recent trend that is slowly becoming famous among the present day couples. This style of Engagement Ring with Matching Band has a lot of considerable meaning related to it. This bridal matching set represents the unison of the couple with the tying of the nuptial knots. The engagement ring with matching band features the central elements of a wedding: the engagement ring and the wedding band. The matching set incorporated these two rings together symbolizing the rings are incomplete without each other like you and your beloved are.

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