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The Controversy on Becks' Latest "Jesus"Tattoo

By Cathyrin @CatherineBaleda

Beauty is skin deep.A tattoo goes all the way to the bone.(Vince Hemingson)

David Beckham, having the team wear #23, who plays as a midfielder on the football world , the husband of the former Spice Girls' member Victoria “Posh” Beckham, a fashion icon, and a hairstyle innovator is not only known for these things but also for his body tattoos. Different sources have different counts of how many are his tattoos, though I’m sure that he has many on his arms and he has one on his neck. 
The Controversy on Becks' Latest  
The Controversy on Becks' Latest
The Controversy on Becks' Latest
The Controversy on Becks' Latest
Nonetheless, these numbers of tattoos he had will be added by another tattoo on his left chest. On his Facebook page last Saturday, he revealed his three-month-old ink, a courtesy of L.A. tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, together with a video message explaining the meaning behind his tattoo.
The Controversy on Becks' Latest
 "It’s Jesus being carried by three cherubs and obviously the cherubs are boys," he says, referring to sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. "My thought of it is, at some point my boys are going to need to look after me and that’s what they’re doing in the picture.”

His latest body art, though had already received criticisms and disapproval saying that he had gone too far, on depicting Christ as him, considering that he is not even a Christian. Let me quote from the bigleadsports, one of the blogs that spoke rants about his tattoo.
"Beckham, at his core, is a half-brained English footballer. Talent tore him away from a monotonous existence. He’s not a thinker. This tattoo is the exact sort of moronic thing he should be doing. It’s a welcoming sign there’s still a human being crying out beneath the meticulously constructed pitchman."

Anyway, before he got this tattoo on his chest, he had already explained why he is into this body art.
"The idea to get tattooed came to me a little while after Brooklyn was born. I was talking to Mel B and her then-husband, Jimmy Gulzar, and the subject of tattoos came up. I ended up going to this Dutch guy who'd done all of Jimmy's. I'd finally realized what I wanted a tattoo to represent. Mine are all about the people in my life, my wife and sons, who I want with me always. When you see me, you see the tattoos. You see an expression of how I feel about."

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