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The Consistent Flip-Flopper: Mitt Romney Changes His Tune

Posted on the 09 July 2012 by Anthonyhymes @TheWrongWing

If you are a person who constantly changes your mind, never holding to one particular conviction for very long, and bending to the wills of others with any argument at all, does that actually make you consistent? The answer is possibly, and Mitt Romney is trying his hardest to navigating his flipping and flopping like a toddler walking towards the beach.

flip flops

Squeaky when wet

Everyone changes their mind — except those irrational and hypocritical Republicans who are immune to reason — but to be a leader, one must have conviction, something to get behind, a vision. Mitt Romney is not that person. He follows the orders of the Republican establishment, now that he is reluctantly accepted as the Wrong Wing nominee. He is not even following popular opinion, but abiding by a close-minded mentality that shuns compromise.

First, Romney had to spend the primary season explaining how his health care system, identical in every way to the affordable care act, or as Republicans have dubbed it, Obamacare, was actually different, and that he was unhappy with his efforts to help the sick and poor. It shows how incredibly immoral and hypocritical the supposedly faith-oriented Republican party is that Romney has to apologize for doing the Christian thing.

Now that Obama’s health care plan has been upheld by the Supreme Court, Republicans are limping around like wounded tortoises. They are trying to find a hole to attack the health plan, and the establish has attempted to label the individual mandate a tax. Romney initially said it has nothing to do with a tax, but after some — assumed — heated phone calls with the GOP and Tea Party, he changed his position to agree with them. So now not only does Romney distance himself from the program he is directly responsible for, but he doesn’t even have the spine to stick to what he believes. The establishment should be asking him, he created the concept in the first place.

This is not new, Romney has changed his positions on abortion, gay marriage, states’ rights, gun control, pretty much anything under the sun and moon. Romney has agreed and then disagreed with both sides depending on the prevailing electoral winds. This is why Republicans hated him, until they got stuck with him, and it is also why Obama stands a very good chance to win the election in November. Americans want a leader for a President, not a pair of footwear worn by whoever holds sway over his political future.

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