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Do-Nothing Congress: The Great Stagnation

Posted on the 05 August 2013 by Anthonyhymes @TheWrongWing

The present American political situation is a stalemate, stuck between serious, escalating, and threatening problems; and the unwillingness to compromise which has been the hallmark of the right wing establishment. This physical block is immoral, it is bad for the nation, and it risks to ruin our present and our future.

There is nothing more disgusting than stagnation. And right now, stagnation it what is happening to our nation. Republicans have blocked every attempt to advance legislature, stopping only to reintroduce measures to appeal Obamacare. “It didn’t work the first 100 times, but hey, let’s try it again!” Democrats are stuck with a Republican House of Representatives which believes that the only way to show that they are strong is to oppose every single measure that is passed in the Senate.

There is no federal transit bill, there is no farm bill, there are no measures in place to adjust spending to cope with the debt, and there is no willingness to reform immigration. The best news for those who care about progress came from the Supreme Court, who both upheld Obamacare and paved the way for gay marriage acceptance (even as they stripped away the voting rights act). We have been slowly receiving news that the government has been spying on everything that we do online, and Russia just granted Snowden asylum, in what is basically a big middle finger to the US. Syria’s war is stagnating, and casualties are still rising. The US Congress is in the middle of what will only be looked upon by future historians as the Great Stagnation.

Congress’s disapproval rating is now over 70%. The American people are tired of dealing with the same issues over and over again. Even the conservatives who voted for the tea-partiers and non-compromisers who are ruining our chance at a prosperous future are starting to realize that electing people to office who do nothing but bash their heads against the walls isn’t good for economic or spiritual growth.

The only way out of this terrible situation is to reset the government. We must look at which politicians have refused to compromise on any bills – from both sides of the aisle – and disqualify them from seeking reelection. We don’t need preachers in Congress, we don’t need people whose ideal of the national standard is non-maliable. We need legislators who look at problems like opportunities, and who are willing to listen to all arguments, accept that their idea might not be the only solution, and be willing to try out different solutions to see which ones work best.

Until we rid the government of these hard-head politicians, we can look forward to many, many more years of The Great Stagnation.

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