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The Compassionate Chick’s Guide To DIY Beauty Book Review

By Elisabeth @onecutedoc

Attention Beauty Lovers! I wanted to pop in really quick and talk a few seconds about a book I have been loving. The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty by Sunny Subramanian (From Vegan Beauty Review) is a book filled with 125 DIY recipes. Sunny was the first vegan beauty blogger and she started her blog in 2007. She covers the best cruelty-free beauty products, fashion, food, and so much more. I really enjoy her site and was beyond excited to receive her book for review. Keep reading to see my review that will highlight a few of the books sections. And grab your FREE DIY shimmer blush.

The Compassionate Chick’s Guide To DIY Beauty Review:

About Sunny Subramanian: 


Sunny Subramanian was the first vegan beauty blogger to hit the scene back in 2007. She has since become the leading authority on cruelty-free + vegan beauty and lifestyle. Sunny runs the website, Vegan Beauty Review where she writes about the latest and greatest cruelty-free products, fashion, food and everything vegan in between. Sunny has worked for PETA and has been featured in the LA Times, Women’s World Magazine, Allure, and numerous other publications.

Having been vegan since 2000, Sunny’s main goal is to show the world that veganism can be fun, beautiful, and delicious. In addition to being a hard-core cruelty-free beauty junkie, she also has an affinity for all things kitty-related, pink, glittery and sweet — especially cupcakes! ”

Book includes:

  • over 100 full color photographs including step-by-step photos
  • sections on & recipes for: face care basics, bath & body care, hair care, makeup and cosmetics, unisex beauty essentials (men need TLC as well!)
  • an alphabetical ingredient listing including beneficial properties
  • an extensive listing of vegan resources

Start Of Book

The beginning of the book lists the contents and gives an awesome introduction to Sunny. It also explains how to use the book. This is a very nice addition to the book because you will know exactly how to use the book and how to read it.



Below is a quick summary of all the book chapters.

  • Chapter 1: Vegan Basics This chapter explains exactly what it means to be a vegan. It also includes beautiful photos and tips.
  • Chapter 2: Why DIY Beauty Products Are Better In this chapter, 7 reasons are given as to why you should DIY beauty products.
  • Chapter 3: Essential Vegan Ingredients and Equipment This chapter lists all the tools and supplies you will need to create the recipes. It also gives a ton of information about ingredients and what each ingredient is used for.
  • Chapters 4-8: The Recipes These chapters list the recipes by categories. There are DIY recipes for face, bath and body care, hair care, makeup, and unisex. Each recipe is laid out beautifully and there are so many stunning pictures. Every recipe includes tips and detailed instructions. On the left side of each recipe, you will find what the recipe is best used for, the superstar ingredient, and top tips. I just really love the layout and how easy the book is to read.

Click the Shimmer Blush picture below to grab a copy of one of the DIY recipes. If you enjoy make sure to grab a copy of the book.


End of Book:

The end of the book includes even more resources. There is a list of favorite ingredients and vegan beauty brands. Also, there is a list of different beauty routines and a ton of resources. I really love this section of the book so much.

Final Thoughts:

I am totally obsessed with this book and I can’t wait to start making all these DIY recipes. I will never get bored creating DIY vegan beauty products. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for gorgeous DIY beauty projects. This book looks gorgeous on any vanity and it is just so well thought out. I am beyond excited to have it in my beauty collection. I am particular excited about the following recipes:

  • Matcha Green Goddess Facial Mask
  • Black Forest Chocolate Cake Facial Mask
  • Vanilla Latte Body Scrub
  • Tangle Wrangler
  • Shimmer Blush
  • Strawberry Natural Tooth Whitener

Check out The Compassionate Chicks Guide to DIY Beauty for a shimmer blush recipe!
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Which of the above would you like to try the most? The book has so many to choose from! Let me know what you think and if you are picking up the book!

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Disclaimer: I was sent this book for review. Images from publisher. These are my honest thoughts & opinions. I did not receive any compensation, just the book.

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The Compassionate Chick’s Guide To DIY Beauty Book Review

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