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The Code of The Wolf

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

The Code of The Wolf

The night belongs to the Wolf.

Low he cometh

The trees rise to straighten their limbs

The Wind swiftly cleanses the meadows of  debris

Small animals untie, they combine fruits

A gift for the Wolf

A show of  gratitude

The larger beasts take cover

Hiding in  boroughs, caverns and hollows

Keeping fearful eyes of the Wolf

Accepting the Wolf’s command

Though  reluctantly

Each beast  knowing  Wolves stand together

Hunting as a group

A real beast hunts for himself

He does not care for the others

If only a Wolf were found walking alone

A beast, any beast could bring him down

The time will come, the time will come

The Hummingbirds sound their trumpet vines

The Wolf is near.

The circle of the pack draws in closer

Always surrounding the forest

Unseen but near

Following the order of the pack

It is how it is

It is how it has always been

It is how it always shall be

A beast can be heard growling quietly

Unable to contain his hatred

Mindlessly, he sharpens a claw across a flint

As he dreams of piercing the pelt of the Wolf

How foolish the forest is

The weak banning together, it is not natural!….grumbles another beast

Only the strong shall survive!

It is how it is

It is how it has always been

It is how it always shall be

The forest and everything within should bow to the great beast

The one who proves to be the strongest, the purest, the one who is most deserving!

The one who can stand alone, against any beast

The one who cares not a whit for anyone or anything except the Self

Foolish are the ways of the Wolf

As if on cue, the moon beams with pride

The sun, lowers her light

She shines in and out of clouds.

Carefully creating shadows and silhouettes.

Everything placed with precision.

A flawless sunset bursting with colors yet to be named

Excitedly both the Moon and the Sun look for the pack

Both finding at the exact time.

Suddenly the pack is in full view as the Moon and Sun shine spotlights

Working together as a team, creating a light show beyond beauty

And so the night goes

The forest chattering with the Wolf

Honored with the approval bestowed upon their small gifts, for they had pleased the pack

One by one, a beast made an appearance

Not out of desire, but out of fear

Knowing they must honor the pack, lest be ousted from the forest

Never to return

It is how it is

It is how it has always been

It is how it always shall be

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