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The Christmas Tag!

By Coupleofidiots @coupleofidiots
The Christmas Tag!
Hey guys, so the festive season is upon us, and Steve and I both love it (we have had our mini tree up for two weeks already) and we had to start taking our advent calenders yesterday so that we finish on the day we both go home to celebrate with our families, so I thought we should the Christmas tag I discovered on Cydney Says! Originally posted by hello ella. I’ll put both of their links at the bottom of the page!Hope you enjoy it :) What time of the year do you start your Christmas shopping?Ysabelle: urmmmmm, the 23rdor 24th… of December. Oops.
Steve: Generally November, but if I see some really good deals throughout the year I will put them up and keep them!Tell me how Christmas goes down in your homeYsabelle: My 30 year old sister wakes me up at anytime between 3am and 6am telling me that Santa has been, and we all head to the living room to open our presents. We all sit and open stuff together, it used to always be myself and my sister that opened our presents first, but we have more recently been keen to get our mom to go first because we love getting her presents. Then I always end up being the only one not able to go back to sleep, so I will sit and watch tv for a bit, whilst everyone has a nap, and then either mom or my sister and her husband begin to make the food! Then we just eat loads, watch some Christmas TV, the queens speech and such and that is pretty much it. I’ve always been lucky though because I get to re-live Christmas the next day at my dads! Perks of having two homes!
Steve: Very well, It is probably the thing we celebrate most, we can hardly even wait till December to get the decorations up and the carols on, it is probably everyone in my house's favorite time of year. We always get up really early, when I was younger, I used to get up at like 5am. We are quite traditional in that we have our Christmas meal around 2/3pm, and the grandparents are always over. The dinner is the most important thing, we all really look forward to it because my mom spends so long preparing it. 
Do you have any Christmas traditions?Ysabelle: playing board games, and I am trying to make watching the Dr Who Christmas special a thing in my family, but they are reluctant to accept it haha!
Steve: We always play monopoly and watch Agatha Christie! 
Do you have a favorite festive coffee?Ysabelle:ewwww, I dislike coffee a lot.
Steve: I don't drink coffee, and neither does anyone in my family!
What's your favorite Christmas song?Ysabelle: Band Aid – Feed the world, makes me cry, but I love it.
Steve: Silent Night! Keeping it traditional with the carols. 
What do you do on Christmas Eve?Ysabelle: I kind of banned anyone from going out/not spending it together so we usually watch loads of films, and eating loads of food! I help mom with the wrapping she hasn’t done yet – which is something my sister definitely used to do when I was younger!
Steve: We all stay in, and stay up watching movies, when we were younger we used to stay up late so that we slept in a little more, but we all stay up till about midnight so we say happy christmas before bed.What's your Christmas wrapping strategy? Do you have a strategy?Ysabelle: I can’t wrap, I just end up buying gift bags!
Steve: I actually wrap Christmas presents really well because my mom has always taught me how to wrap, and I always wrap two weeks before Christmas and put them under the tree to show off my great wrapping skills. 
What's your dream gift this year?Ysabelle:gossip girl box set, electric tooth brush, and doctor who season 7 box set would be amazing!
Steve: My Cascade-R Lacrosse helmetDescribe your Christmas tree. How tall? Real or artificial? How is it decorated?Ysabelle: We have literally always had the same tree, apart from one year where I convinced my mom to get a real one (we will not be doing that again). We all decorate it together with tinsel, some hideous decorations I made when I was like 5, and a really old angel we’ve had forever goes on the top!
Steve: Up until like two years ago, because Jasper (our dog) got a thorn in his paw and hurt himself, we have always had a real tree decorated traditionally in red and gold, with white lights. Do you decorate just the tree or other areas of your house e.g. windows, bannisters?Ysabelle: Mum decorates the breakfast bar, and we have all of the window sill’s decorated with fake Santas and stuff. It is cute.
Steve: We have four christmas trees, two big ones, two small ones, and we decorate every single room in the house and we also put lights over the archway in the garden too! What do you wear to Christmas parties and what do you wear on Christmas day?Ysabelle: for us, Christmas is all about being with your family, so we don’t really care about what we wear – if we get something to wear for Christmas we might put it on for dinner but after that we put our PJ’s back on and chill. I have never had a Christmas party to go to, but I’d probably wear something glittery!

Steve: On Christmas day, I'll wear a shirt (if I get one as a present) as the Christmas meal in semi-formal. for having a gander at our christmas tag, I've put the links of Cydney & Ella's blogs above! 

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