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The Challenge of Diagnosing Bipolar Disorders

Posted on the 30 April 2014 by Health_news

bipolar disorder

There is no specific diagnosis for bipolar disorder. Rather, it is a spread out problem that covers myriad mood disorders. Many people consider bipolar as a mental disease but it is not a mental problem. Bipolar disorder is actually a collection of independent diagnoses that when combined together in a group are referred to as the bipolar spectrum. This is one disorder which is very difficult to diagnose.

A wide number of factors are responsible for making accurate diagnosis of this problem difficult. If at all bipolar spectrum is detected, specifying the particular disorder from this spectrum is another challenge that is difficult to face. In case where accurate cases are possible, treatment of bipolar disorder becomes easier offering successful results.

Bipolar disorder is also referred to as manic depressive disorder. People afflicted from this problem can suffer a devastating impact on their lives. Once a person is afflicted with this problem, his whole life seems to be under the spell of this problem. The patient starts experiencing mad maniac bouts or major depressive episodes. This is referred to as type 1 Bipolar disorder. This specific bipolar disease is considered to be one of the worst disorders one can get afflicted from. It not only affects the life of the patient but also his near and dear ones. They will always live in the fear thinking about when the person will be challenged with the next bout of depressive episode. In severe cases, a person may also attempt suicide. Studies indicate that at some stage of life, one out of every two bipolar disorder patients’ attempts suicide and one out of twenty succeed. Suicide risk can be contained considerably with timely diagnosis and correct treatment. It is best to seek help immediately if someone close to you is contemplating suicide.

How to diagnose Bipolar disorder Type 2?

In this disorder, usually manic episodes do not occur. Instead, the patient suffers from a hypomanic episode resulting in experiencing excited, happy and joyful feelings. The patient may talk fast and loud. He seems to be possessed with a lot of energy and he is simply unable to sit still. His sexual drive increases and becomes highly irritable. He becomes quite reckless which has an impact on his decision making ability. This poor decision making ability may be often seen in matters related to money or sex. Sometimes these decisions lead them to serious troubles like relationship breakdown. When treating bipolar disorder, hypomania can play a significant role in the success of the treatment.

It is very important to manage bipolar disorder and this can be done with sheer determination and strong will. Once the person is committed to fight this problem, the cycle of disorder can be fought. Paying attention to the triggers that results in an episode of depression can help in getting prepared when next time such episode is about to hit. When a person knows that he is about to hit, he can take timely precautions and arrange for treatment timely. This way this disorder can be managed in an effective manner.

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