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By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

The Centrist GypsyLooking at the world today, all I see is fighting, war, and dishonesty with one another.  Everyone seems to be at odds with each other over things that we could easily fix, if it weren’t for pride and stubbornness.  I try to stay away from 3 specific topics due to a couple of reasons.  The main reason though, is because of the arguing and fighting that always seems to follow once two people of opposing views get together.  I am not talking about just a friendly debate.  I am talking about all out war.


History has shown us that religion is a huge issue between many cultures, societies, and people, all with opposing ideas, which has led to numerous wars and numerous casualties.  Even though each culture has a different name for their deity, a different idea of what this deity did, and how to pray to this named deity, we all still pray to this higher being and believe this being did something amazing.  Why fight over a name and a ritual?  We all love and pray to our creator…whatever name we give him/her.


This is one topic I stay out of, completely.  I have been witness to some pretty heated debates and arguments over politics.  It would happen in the office in front of my door.  Family members have given other families members the silent treatment over a political disagreement.  Don’t even get me started on the political arguments I see on Facebook.  Being a Business Gypsy, I see the positives in being both Conservative and Liberal.  I understand where Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Centrists & The Tea Party are all coming from.   What I do not understand is why we cannot come together and compromise when we need to get things done for the good of the whole country?


I do not touch this topic with a ten foot pole.  This topic tears people apart and makes for a nasty fight.  I understand where Pro-Life Advocates are coming from.  Life is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted.  I understand where Pro-Choice Advocates are coming from.  My Body..My Choice.  A compromise is hard in this situation but why fight and kill over a disagreement?  Instead of focusing all of your energy on fighting about the topic, try to come to a resolution that both sides can be comfortable with, even though it may be a hard road to travel.

Agreements are far and few between, especially with this negative cloud hanging over the world.  Instead of constantly fighting about what we disagree about, we should try to focus on what we can actually agree on, and try to get something done with what we have.

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