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The Business of Bad Business

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

The Business of Bad Business
You cannot turn a corner without hearing someone talk about how they lost their money due to being scammed or turn on the news without hearing about another corporation being investigated for fraud and corruption. Due to the tough economic crisis the world is facing, companies, businesses and individuals will do anything to make a buck and get ahead of the competition. Corrupt businesses use many of the same tactics to deceive consumers in order to take their money until their wallets are bare. Look for these tell-tale signs of Bad Business to save yourself and your wallet the headache.

The Business of the Lack of Transparency

Many businesses and companies that are in the business of bad business, love to keep their skeletons in the closet and keep information about its business operations close to the chest. Everything is behind closed doors and this leaves the consumer in the dark about the product and/or service that is being provided to them. Research business practices of the companies you frequently buy from and ask questions of these individual businesses if something is off. Transparency is key to good business.

Customer Service Shuffle

Many consumers rely on Customer Service Departments to address concerns, answer questions, and help with troubleshooting of their account, device, etc. If a business is really in business to help consumers, they will not play the Customer Service Shuffle. If you always get an answering service, never talk to a live person, or you are constantly put on hold, this company is probably hiding something. Ask your friends, family and research online to see who has the best customer service. Also call them up and see how their Customer Service Department handles calls yourself!

Just Another Statistic

Many businesses who see their consumers and clients as dollar signs are probably not in business to help the consumer. All they are worried about is their bottom line and making sure they make quota, which usually leaves the consumer unappreciated and unheard. Look for businesses who give you that personal touch to the services they bring you and if they remember your name. If they treat you like a person they probably see you like a person, and not a statistic.

Evil Fine Print

Many businesses claim to have fabulous deals and cure all remedies that are guaranteed to work or your money back! Many consumers buy into that product and after it fails from the start or breaks in a week, the consumer is looking for that money back guarantee! Enter the Evil Fine Print. Many advertisers place paragraphs upon paragraphs of teeny tiny fine print at the bottom of the advertisement on television or magazines, basically making anything they guaranteed null in void. Watch and listen to the advertisement closely and always look read the fine print carefully. This will help you beat the Bad Business Blues.

We must continue to educate ourselves and the public about the business of bad business in order to avoid being caught in their webs of lies and our wallets flushed down the toilet. If you research the company, ask around for reviews, and read the fine print, you will be able to safe guard yourself from being another victim of the business of bad business.

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