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The Boyfriend Tag!

By Teaantoast @teaantoastblog
I am a particularly nosey person and I love watching The Boyfriend Tag on youtube so I thought a a little something fun to do, why not do it in a blog post! This was really funny to do, Twadd (this is his nickname, his real name is Mark) and I sat here in silence on our computers when answering these questions, the concentration on our faces was hilarious!
THE BOYFRIEND TAG!1.) Where did we meet? 
Sian: When I was viewing the flat I moved into he was visiting the friend I was moving in with, we then met again properly after I'd moved in and he was going out for dinner with my flatmate. I remember him begging me to go out for pizza with them and when my flatmate got back she said he was asking her questions about me! (cutie pie)
Twadd: One does believe we met in sian' old flat.

2) Where was our first date? 

Sian: We'd gone out a few times with mutual friends on nights out, but the first time we went out together on our own he took us to a tapas bar in The Mailbox in Birmingham and booked us a room in a beautiful hotel. I felt like I was in a movie!!
Twadd: Our first official 'Date' we stayed at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham. 21st floor, yeah bitch!
3) What was your first impression of me?
Sian: The very first time I saw him he was hungover, in his tracky's and I remember thinking he looked like a cheeky chappy, very handsome and had a gorgeous smile!
Twadd: Phwoar! xD 

4) When did you meet my family?

Sian: It was not that long after we'd been "dating" and it was the first time I stayed at his house and I met his Mom. I remember being so nervous to meet her!
Twadd: Met the Mother-in-law when we went for a curry with our momma bears so they could meet 8) Big.D was introduced a little later!
5) Weird habit of each other? 
Sian: Twadd puts on silly voices and makes up silly characters all the time which is hilarious. For example when we woke this morning, he decided to turn into a tickle monster! Never a dull moment.
Twadd: Sian seems to enjoy life through the interpretation of dance, I have seen a variety of dances, from native jungle dancing to her being all gangstarrrr.
6) How long have we been together?
Sian: Around 14 months I believe!
Twadd: She knows I'm doing this question… *Wipes sweat from brow* 15 months i reckon.
7) Do we have any traditions?
Sian: I don't think we've been together long enough to have traditions yet. The only thing I can think of we do is every morning we set our alarms 15 minutes earlier so we can have cuddles before we get out of bed.
Twadd: Big.D and his immaculate Sunday roast is the only thing I can think of.
8) An animal that resembles one another? 
Sian: A sloth. I joke I joke, I would say a koala because he's incredibly cute, very affectionate and cuddly and it's very hard not to love him!
Twadd: A Slug.

9) What was our first roadtrip? 
Sian: The first time we went away together anywhere was a weekend in Stratford, we got the most beautiful B&B (White Sails, can't recommend it enough) and then our first "holiday" was a week in Saundersfood which was the most amazing place I've ever been to!!
Twadd: I was banned from driving at the start of the relationship xD We hopped on a train and went to Saundersfoot for a week which was so well organised we didn't even have to look for a roof over our heads when we got there *rolls eyes*
10) First thing you noticed about me? 
Sian: How handsome he was, sounds really shallow but I remember thinking this man is gorgeous!!
Twadd: Teeny weeny!

11) What pisses him off? 

Sian: If it's in general it's authority, but things I do that piss him off is probably my mood swings.
Twadd: Attacking her in the kitchen while she's showing off her culinary skills!
12) Favourite feature about each other?
Sian: A physical feature is his smile. Every time he does a grin it sends me all funny inside!
TwaddIs this appearance? i don't wanna get in trouble ha! I'm gonna say her bum

13) 3 things I am good & not good at? 

Sian: Things Twadd is good at are:
1. Making me laugh
2. He makes a banging Full English breakfast!
3. Looking after others and being so caring.

Things Twadd is not to good at:

1. Tidying up. He is the messiest person I have ever met!
2. Organisation. I swear he doesn't know what that means.
3. Motivation, with things that NEED to be done he just won't do them.
Twadd: Muahaha! Things Sian's good at:
1. Dancing 2. Writing 3. Bedroom activities..sleeping etc.
Things Sian's bad at: 1. Being drunk. ("i can't see") one of my favorite quotes. 2. Being sporty 3. Being drunk and sporty

14) What do we argue about the most? 

Sian: Twadd doesn't know the act of tidying up after himself, so it's usually about the mess he's made and not done anything about for days later.
Twadd: Who's putting the kettle on, or tidying up after mysel. She gets annoyed I'm much better than her and has to have a pop

15) Do I have PMS? 

Sian: Yes and No, I guess sometimes he has moments of being a proper girl, it's hard to snap him out of a mood.
16) Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Sian: I like to say we wear a leg each. But he'll say he wears the trousers.
Twadd: She wears the pants, i wear the trousers...

17) Do I have any weird obsessions? 

Sian: It changes a lot. Whenever Twadd finds a new interest he goes into it 110% and gets a little obsessive with it. He goes in and out of obsessing about his fitness.
Twadd: Fake tan -.- and i am the back applicator which is just a thrill every time!

18) Nicknames for each other? 

Sian: Twaddybaby is the one I use the most.
Twadd: She has a lot, it varies from day to day. Thursdays are cherub days!

19) What is my favorite restaurant? 

Sian: The restaurant in the hotel we stayed at in Saundersfoot did the BEST steak we've ever had so there or Coast to Coast.
Twadd: Sian loves her steak and we've had a few nice meals in coast to coast. I'll go with that xD
20) If I am watching TV, what am I watching? 
Sian: A science documentary of some sort or something educational and 'boring'.
Twadd: Some reality TV about some random family.
21) What is one food I do not like? 
Sian: I actually can't think of anything Twadd doesn't like. I've only ever know him to not like one meal, and that was a beef casserole that had too much wine in the sauce.
TwaddCrumpets. Never show this girl a crumpet!
22) What drink do I order when we go out to eat?
Sian: Usually a cider of some sort.
Twadd: Archers, Whiskey, Cider. Not vodka…NEVER VODKA!!
23) What size of shoe do I wear? 
Sian: I have no idea how bad is that?! I'm going to say size 11. (I got that wrong he's a 9/10)
Twadd: 3. Nawwwhhhhhhh
24) My favorite kind of sandwich?
Sian: oooohh I'm not sure on this either. A BBQ chicken sandwich?
TwaddThe last text I got was TUNA CRUNCH!! Which is from Greggs I believe and from what I understand from my source, is extremely tasty
25) What is one talent I have?
Sian: He's good at soo many things!! But I guess the one that sticks out is making people laugh... is that a talent?
Twadd: Writing =]
26) What would I eat everyday if I could?
Sian: steak... all the way steak!
Twadd: TUNA CRUNCH OMNOMNOMNOM!!! (wrong - I would go steak all day SON!)

27) My favorite cereal?

Sian: I've never known Twadd to eat cereal, ever!!
Twadd: Porridge is the usual brekka feast! Theres some odd cereal with fruity bits n dried yoghurt that she bums..i can't remember the name xD
28) My favorite kind of music?
Sian: Rock music or music you can dance along too.
Twadd: Pretty much anything you can wiggle your hips to… tribal to gangster.
29) My favorite sports team?
Sian: None.

30) What is my eye color?

Sian: Green with a hint of blue in at times.
Twadd: Big Blues, omnomnomnom
31) Who is my best friend?
Sian: Twadd doesn't have one he has an amazing group of best friends.
Twadd: Siobhan, Ash, Ryan, Kellie…to many man..

32) Something you do that I wish you didn’t do? 

Sian: Be annoying when I'm busy doing something!
Twadd: Smoking, I'm on the path of healing though. Slowly and surely xD
33) Where am I from?
Sian: Your mom's tummy!!
Twadd: Been asking myself this from day 1. You say Solihull, which is a town on planet Earth for the un-initiated..I think maybe Mars.
34) What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday? 
Sian: A huge chocolate cake!!
Twadd: Probably have to be a gigantic brownie, oooorr a victoria sponge. Any cake is ok with moi xD
35) Do I play any sports? 
Sian: yeaaaah, tennis!!
Twadd: ROFLMAO. This needs to stop i nearly wee'd myself again. hahaha 

36) What can I spend hours doing?

Sian: Geeking out on World of Warcraft!!
Twadd: Watching youtube videos, Blogging, Relations xD Haha
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