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The Boy Fashionista

By Steph's Scribe @stephverni
The Boy Fashionista

The ones we all wore in the 80s. The classic Docksider.

I couldn’t believe it. In fact, today I’m still rather perplexed by the whole shopping experience I had with my children yesterday, namely the one I had with my son. The male version of me. The boy fashionista. I’ll sum it up rather quickly.

My son wanted me to buy him Sperry boat shoes.

Now, my high school friends, I must ask you to slap me, and tell me you also can’t believe this is a fashionable current trend. Do you remember when we went to Jean Scene in Severna Park and bought Levi’s and had Papagallo purses and whale pants and pink and green ribbons and preppy stuff that we wore with…

That’s right…

You guessed it…

Docksiders, otherwise known as boat shoes?

Yes, way back in the dark ages when I was a teenager, Docksiders were cool.

Apparently, they are hip now. Again. Back from the dead. My son wants to wear them with Nike black socks with the white Nike swoosh on it.

Can you believe this?

Black Nike socks with white Nike swoosh with…boat shoes?

I don’t get it. But maybe I’ll break out my old Pappagallo purse and get on with it.

The Boy Fashionista

Pappagallo purse. Photo credit: Coleen Patrick.

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