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Hip, Hip, Hooray: From One Great Birthday Gift to Another, the Annual Birthday Blog Post

By Steph's Scribe @stephverni
Hip, Hip, Hooray: From one Great Birthday Gift to Another, the Annual Birthday Blog Post

I'm not sure last year's birthday gift of a boat from my husband can be topped, but this year's birthday gift might come close.

I'll give you some hints: it's not something you'll be able to see, but I'll be able to feel. It's smaller than a breadbox. It doesn't come on a keychain or in a small Tiffany box as my birthday gift came last year. And, the gift will be bestowed to me in a building with lots and lots of rooms.

You may be getting warm at this point.

One more hint: it's something that only a truly skilled person can give me, and I believe it comes with some pretty cool drugs.

Have you guessed yet?

If you said full hip replacement, you've guessed correctly!

Yes, I have decided that this is the birthday present for 2021. It's hopefully going to be the gift that keeps on giving and will (knock on wood) hopefully outlive my 2004 Bayliner, last year's birthday gift.

After two years of complete hell...and way too much detail to bog you down with during this uplifting blog post...I'm off to treat myself to a new hip. It appears that my wonky hip may have been the root of all my back pain and suffering (which is no surprise, because if you see me walking, I often walk like Igor in Young Frankenstein.) see clip below.

To all those people who have talked with me about their experiences with their hip surgeries-thank you so much-you've made me even more frightened.

Just kidding.

You've alleviated my anxieties, and I have a lot of them, so that, in itself, is a miracle.

I'll not be teaching college this semester, but instead will be taking some time to heal and get myself in tip-top shape for the spring semester. I'll hopefully continue to do some writing, and work on publishing my latest novel during my recovery period. Gotta keep the mind active somehow.

Additionally, to those who have worked with me over the past two years to help me with physical therapy, doctors appointments, and coaching, thanks for your patience. Getting older is tough, but not when you have solid support around you. To my friends who have been there to let me talk this through, thank you all.

To my mom and dad...thanks for always lending an ear and moral support.

And finally, to my husband, Anthony, and my kids: I look forward to walking like a normal human being before long and taking that family trip we planned on taking.

So, truly, hip, hip, hooray, in every sense of the expression, and if you've ever referred to me as "hip," you're correct.

Quarantining two weeks before surgery now, so I'll see you on the flip side.

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