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ANNA IN TUSCANY: Something New I’ve Published

By Steph's Scribe @stephverni

The story I'm sharing with you was written back in May and was intended to be a part of a Valentine's Day Anthology. As things sometimes happen, the Anthology was nixed, and I was left with a short story without a home.

Taking the lead from many of my friends who are writers, I decided to publish it as a stand-alone story in the form of a novelette. It's called ANNA IN TUSCANY, and is available via Kindle for .99 or Book Funnel for FREE. The links are below.

The premise of the story is this:

Travel writer Arianna (Anna) Ricci relocates from the United States to Italy for a year on assignment to cover the regions of Italy. She is also on a quest to write a story of love about La Festa Degli Innamorati-otherwise known as Valentine's Day-for her magazine's website. Living in her cousin's apartment in Siena in Tuscany, Anna meets her neighbor, Matteo, an older gentleman who lost his wife several years prior, and they form a friendship and begin to play cards every Wednesday evening, along with Matteo's son, Nicolo. Before long, Anna, who has suffered through two previous heartbreaks, uncovers a love story that spans decades, and learns a few things about love as she finds her own way in Italy.

A novelette is typically a story that is between 7,500 - 17,000 words. ANNA IN TUSCANY is 15,000+ words, and is broken into short chapters. It's a story about Italy, finding love, traveling, and appreciating the art of a good love story.

I hope you read and enjoy it!



Amazon link for Kindle Book .99 - ANNA IN TUSCANY - click here

Book Funnel FREE READ - ANNA IN TUSCANY - click here

Stephanie Verni is the author of contemporary fiction. She enjoys crafting realistic fiction that touch upon themes such as resilience, recovery, love, forgiveness, starting new, and friendship. Her books include Beneath the Mimosa Tree, Baseball Girl, Inn Significant, Little Milestones, and The Postcard. She can be found on Amazon at Stephanie Verni Author.

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