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The Body Shop | Satsuma Body Mist

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
The Body Shop | Satsuma Body Mist   The Body Shop | Satsuma Body Mist   The Body Shop | Satsuma Body Mist   The Body Shop | Satsuma Body Mist   I seem to find myself having a Body Shop payday splurge every month recently! Especially on their range of Mango scented products (Oh hey, little obsessed with Mango in general it seems!) But this time I decided to try something a little different.   The raspberry shower gel admittedly was really bought because I couldn't find the Mango one, but I'm actually pretty glad to try something new. Personally I find The Body Shop shower gels amongst the best you can get on the high street, the scents are really strong, fruity and best of all, they really linger on your skin. The raspberry isn't too sweet but just right for anyone who wants to step out of the shower fruity fresh but not overpowering. For those of you (and I doubt there will be many) who haven't tried The Body Shops shower gels, I strongly recommend trying one of their body lotions or butters to compliment the gels. It really helps the smell last longer & I guarantee your skin will feel unbelievable afterwards!   The body mist was somewhat of a new adventure for me, I've been an avid buyer of the lotions, gels and butters for some time but I'd never really thought I needed a body mist.. Until now! The satsuma body mist was £3.50 reduced from £8 on promotion for Body Shop members so as I arrived at the till to pay, it was too much of a bargain to resist. I must say I have fell in love with the mist. Not only has it made my skin feel lovely without the use of my lotion, it also smells amazing! I spent the majority of my first night of use sniffing my own arm.. To which Creature thought I was a complete weirdo! - But to that I say so what I smell amazeballs   The raspberry shower gel is currently on offer for £3 online & in stores. The satsuma body mist is currently £7.50, however in store with a Body Shop card you can pick one up for around £3.50   Are you a Body Shop devotee? & which is your favourite Body Shop scent?   Bloglovin | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   The Body Shop | Satsuma Body Mist 

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