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The Body Shop Body Butter - Almond!

By Thebeautyscoop
The Body Shop Body Butter - Almond!The Body Shop Body Butter - Almond!I recently bought a ton of Body Butters from The Body Shop as I've always been very impressed by them in the past, and also because I noticed that they were on offer. Some were already reduced in the sale, but I also bought a couple that weren't and used the code BUTTER (I'm unsure if this still works or not) for an extra £2 off all Body Butters, including those that were in the sale - total bargain!
I ended up getting the following scents for myself: Almond (2), Brazil Nut, Shea (2), Cherry (2), Cocoa (2), Japanese Cherry Blossom (2), and Cranberry Joy so I should be fully stocked for quite a while, although that won't stop me lusting after even more of them! I also bought a few others as gifts for my mom and sister as I know they like them too.
The Body Shop Body Butter - Almond!Anyway, I'll be giving you my thoughts on each scent over the next couple of weeks as I start to use them. The first Body Butter that I just couldn't want to get my hands on was the Almond scented one, I love the smell of sweet almond products and I was hoping that this would be the same.
I have not been disappointed, it's gorgeous... it has a hint of a marzipan-like scent, that soon settles down to more of a sweet, almondy flavor. I adore this, it's strong enough to make you smell lovely but not enough to overpower any perfume you might wear.
The Body Shop Body Butter - Almond!The Body Shop Body Butter - Almond!The texture is firmer than some of the others in the Body Butter range but soon softens up and applies to the body with ease.
It's also seriously moisturising, I think this is hugely down to it containing almond oil (and a lot of it, as it's second only to water in the igredients list) and also shea butter, another intensely moisturising ingredient - the tub says it is suitable for normal to dry skin, which is perfect for me. It does leave a bit of a film on the skin after use, but it's not greasy and doesn't make me feel icky in the slightest.
I can't recommend this enough, I'd buy this over and over again. It's also currently on sale for just 5 of your English pounds here which is a complete barrrrrgain!
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