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The Blogpocalypse Series | #1 Apocalypse Box

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
The Blogpocalypse Series | #1 apocalypse boxThe Blogpocalypse Series | #1 apocalypse box The Blogpocalypse Series | #1 apocalypse box
Hello Ladies & Gents & welcome to the first installment of my new series/tag, The Blogpocalypse. Earlier this week I met up with Yuna from Tech Bunny & we began discussing The Walking Dead as I'm pretty new to the hype.. & I mentioned I have a box in my cupboard called "the apocalypse box". It basically consists of easy to make food if we're ever strapped for cash at the end of the month etc. Things like cheap pasta packets & savoury rice. But it got us thinking, I wonder how many of us, if the world did in fact come to an end, y'no, zombies & all that. We wonder if any of you would be at all ready? So to get involved, you will have 4 aspects to cover, you can either do this in separate posts or in one huge one. It's completely up to you. I'll be spreading mine out. Your first challenge is to raid your cupboards as they stand & create a box of food that will keep well, be suitable for travel & can be eaten without the aid of an oven etc. Take photos & post whether you think you'd be a survivor or completely screwed! The Blogpocalypse Series | #1 apocalypse box So to start this tag I wanted to share with you my apocalypse box as well as a few bits from my cupboard that would potentially keep me alive for the beginning of the end.You want to picture this as a short term means of keeping you a live for the initial first weeks & they need to be light and convenient enough that you could pack them if you were forced to move on. In my case I'm pretty lucky, my area has 2 local food shops in case I was running low.. & I'm directly opposite the Royal Armouries museum.. So, first stop would be weapon hauling from the hall of swords! To begin my box, I have a boat load of pasta and cuppa soups! Realistically I would have to have access to water and heat but as long as I can make a fire, I think I'd be fine.. If not, I fear I'll be living on a diet of sweets and biscuits. I also have a lot of tinned tuna, corned beef etc - These can potentially last years, although heavy if you were on the move. So I wouldn't pack too many of these, I'd want the Belvita breakfast bars,  cheese crackers etc. ideally for travel, they're light and easy to eat. Something you can't see in the photos above are my drinks. I have a tonne of bottles of water, and in my cupboard 'emergency' UHT milk. Just in case we ever run out of milk & can't get to a shop. I think I potentially have enough to keep myself alive for a couple of weeks.. I have stashes of chocolate & sweets too, but the important things like pasta, rice & tins, that could potentially make meals I have in abundance! So, that is my blogpocalypse food box! I'd like to tag the following bloggers to get involved & start their own Blogpocalypse series Yuna - Tech BunnyMichelle - Satchels & PearlsKel - Adventures In Tea & Cake& anyone else who fancies giving this a go. Make sure you use #BlogpocalypseTag hashtag if you get involved! Next week: End of world fashion - My 2 outfit picks Bloglovin | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Lookbook The Blogpocalypse Series | #1 apocalypse box

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