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The Blog's Better Half: Pete

By Salvagedspaces @salvagedspaces
The Blog's Better Half: PeteToday I'm not going to post about DIY projects or our Florida adventures, but something that is much more important to me: Pete! I'm feeling all kinds of love bugs today since we're celebrating our second wedding anniversary, so it seems like a good time to talk about Pete. I've also noticed that a lot of the bloggers I'm following have been posting about the personalities behind the blog so maybe some of you would be interested to learn more about Pete.
Pete is more than good looks and a beard.
He's smart, funny, and has an impressive collection of plaid shirts (see below). That he deserves to wear. He was born in the land of corn but grew up in the sunshine state.
Pete's Day Job
Although he may like blogging and helping me with DIY projects, Pete's true passion is maps. Pete once went on an adventure in his backyard using the map from his Zelda game.
The Blog's Better Half: Pete He didn't "gain enough wisdom...to summon the wind and ride a tornado to the entrance of the Underworld," but he did discover his passion for mapping and adventure. He majored in geography at the University of South Florida and created maps of towns in Florida, North Carolina, and New Mexico while he was in college. Today he works as a utility mapper, mapping the backwoods of northern Florida.
Pete's Proudest Achievements
Pete was convinced to join the Air Forces right after graduating high school. He committed six years in the military and got to see places like Qatar, Kuwait, Germany, England, and Montana. While in the military, Pete arrested a few people, got a few random tattoos, drank two pints of bier at Oktoberfest, and held a gun.
Pete once ran a mile and a half in 11:21.
Pete has never shaved his legs, but he does keep a well-trimmed beard. Most of the time.
The Blog's Better Half: Pete
Pete once kept a goldfish alive for 15 months. He had to give it up for adoption so there's a good chance that the goldfish is still swimming today. At least that's what I tell him to make him feel better.
Pete created a human being.
Pete's interests:
Saving money
Most of our stuff is from salvage shops and thrift stores. Pete will only buy his pants from thrift stores (even if they have holes in the crotch). While he loves to save money, he will get very upset with me if I bring home a deodorant that doesn't have all the tiny little holes on the top that leak gel. And even though Tidy Cats might be BOGO, I have to get Fresh Step. Not because the cats care either way, but it's really important to Pete.
He also tries to save money by cutting his own hair. He has even tried cutting my hair since Lucy has been born. So if you're looking at me and it looks like my hair looks longer on one side, chances are it's not because I'm tilting my head.
Pete, of course, can never pass up the chance to stop at a yard sale:
The Blog's Better Half: Pete oops
Pete's Favorite Books
If the books have maps, time travel, and/or a post-apocalyptic setting then he loves it.
Pete's Favorite Movies
Pete's not a big movie buff, but he does have a soft spot for Nicholas Cage.
Pete's Favorite TV Shows
Pete has 4815162342 favorite shows. He quotes Seinfeld around my mom just to impress her.
I'm sure you can see why I'm head-over-heels for him. Happy anniversary, Pete!

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