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The Big Mac Index

By Jamesrichardadams @jamesradams

This is how I think now..

We were in a restaurant last night. Bit of a posh affair. The price of the meal was pretty steep. You may have detected from my blog that I am not really into fine foods. All I can think of it the £/Cal ratio.

And so on paying for this I worked out how many Big-Macs I could buy for the same price (about 100 in the USA) and then how many calories they would contain (540 each in the USA gives me 54000 calories to burn). At around 100 calories per mile I could get over 500 miles done. Or as I see it the width of Algeria, or Columbia, Spain or Poland. I could run from the Red sea to the Gulf of Oman, across India (in the middle) or get most of Japan or New Zealand done. I could do Oklahoma again?

I think the actual calorific value of this meal would have just about got me across Leicester.

The Big Mac Index


It's been a while since I have written anything here. I thought I'd just blather on regardless. It's funny how my motivation for running has disappeared since I got back from the USA and in turn I have little to write about which then perpetuates the cycle of indifference. I am not too worried about taking a break from it all but I have pretty much put the two stone back on that I lost running across the States.

I had a vision that when I finished this race I'd be in the shape of my life and ready to continue running forever. Instead I am a bit broken and still tired from the effort. No more Ultras this year but really looking forward to next year.

About a month on returning I ran the Oxford Half Marathon, I fell apart after about 7 miles and hobbled in with a really sore groin. I figured it was not a good idea to attempt the Spartathlon a week later but I went out there anyway to support all the Brits who were doing it. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much more about the race and have made that the big one for next year*. I have so many races I want to do next year that I am going to be unable to fit timewise, moneywise and bodywise.

I ran the Leicester Marathon in just over 4 hours, again falling apart after about 7 miles and having to hobble the rest. That one hurt. Last week I did the wonderful Greensands Marathon (my favouritemarathon in the UK) and had a really nice mimble around the lovely course. However it was the first time I have run on hills for about 6 months and one week later I still can't walk properly.

I have so much to do now. I am working on the book. I am working on a presentation that I am going to give to a few groups of people and I am actually working, in a job now too. Scary stuff but I guess something has to pay for the Big-Macs. The book writing is going OK though I have not even looked at the America bit yet. I have not even read the blog yet. I'm a bit scared.

Since writing this I have heard about another silly race that goes through every English county in October, 1600 miles in a month. Sounds interesting.

And I've never run in Worcestershire before..


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