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The Big 'c' Part Two

By Golfrefugees

Cancer free sports apparel.
This is Golf Refugees goal. To provide sport tops free from chemicals classified as carcinogenic.

It is a considerable challenge as modern sportswear is a chemical product, where additional chemical based textile finishers are applied and then you have all of the toxic chemicals used in synthetic dyes to achieve long lasting bright colours.

Where possible we aim to use natural fibres and 'green' chemistry to find safer alternatives. We have given this brief for ‘cancer free sportswear’ to a number of fashion colleges in the UK and we are actively seeking technical partners for this project.

We can’t continue to hide cancer causing chemicals in consumer products, especially when these products are designed to interact with your absorbing skin.
All of the classifications of the 'safer' chemicals used will be provided to consumers on our disclosure label, attached to each garment.

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