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The Best Urinal for Home

By Krimkus

Men can agree that urinals enable them to use the restroom in a comfortable setting. They provide a better way to urinate while standing. 

But there are hundreds of products out there, some perfect for home and others for commercial use. 

The following article looks at the best urinals for home to help you pick the ideal one for your needs.

Urinal for Home

Urinal for Home Use Reviewed: Top 5 Picks 

The urinals in this piece are durable and offer a refined atmosphere when you install them in your bathroom. 

1. TOTO UT104#1 Commercial Washout Urinal 

The Best Urinal for Home
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It is a commercial quality product that you can install at home to give you much-needed comfort. The product conserves water by using up 0.5 gallons per flush. 

It also features powerful washdown flushing action that provides you a clean surface whenever you flush. Another great thing is the cotton white surface that makes your washroom attractive.

The product comes with a 12-month warranty that covers the parts and labor. What that means is you get a reputable model you can use for years without charging color or getting damaged. 

The product provides a standard height of 21.75-inch, making it ideal for all users. Its 14-inch prevent splashing that is common with most urinals.  

2. KOHLER K-5016-ET-47 Dexter Elongated Urinal

The Best Urinal for Home
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The product offers functionality in your bathroom while providing durability. It is a product that captures the essence of traditional style by offering beautiful details. 

One can bet the unit adds a splash of color that makes your bathroom brighter and more welcoming. It boasts a powerful siphon jet that cleans the bowl after every use. 

Another great thing is the less than one gallon of the water it uses to flush. What that means is you save on water and your monthly bills. 

The product meets the ADA standards and should be mounted not more than 17-inch from the floor. That provides you with the ideal height for all users.

3. AMERICAN STANDARD 6590.525.020 Washbrook Urinal 

The Best Urinal for Home
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It is an ultra-high efficiency model that uses up to 0.125 gallons per flush to leave your system clean. That means you can save up to 87% of water compared to 1.0 gallons per flush model.

Another feature is the flow regulator that guarantees the perfect flush even when the water pressure is low. The product adds beauty to your restroom as it comes in an attractive design.

Its white color ensures you get an easy time cleaning, and it was designed to resist stains. The product is affordable and quality enough to ensure you get value for money.

It is easy to install, thanks to the minimal features.  

4. TOTO UT447E#01 Commercial Washout Urinal 

The Best Urinal for Home
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It is an excellent urine that is made in China by TOTO. The product weighs less than three pounds to ensure that you install it without seeking help.

It offers a beautiful white color that makes your bathroom more beautiful. Another great thing is the water serving feature that guarantees you a reduced water bill at the end of the month. 

The product uses 0.5 gallons per flush and is wall-mounted with an integral trap. It also meets the ADA standards with ¾-inch top and 2-inch outlet. 

You can bet on the eco-efficient of the fittings and fixture and the EcoPower flush valves. It was designed to last for years without getting damaged.

5. TOTO UT105UVG#01 Commercial Washout Urinal

The Best Urinal for Home
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It is a high-efficiency urinal made in the USA by TOTO, and it meets the ADA standard. The product boasts a powerful washdown flushing action that gives you a clean environment after use.

It is a compact system with a concealed integral trap to give your bathroom a perfect look. Another great thing is the attractive design that makes it a unique model for adding décor.

The urinal is made of quality material that prevents stains and other bacteria that can develop in bathrooms. You also get an easy time when you maintain this unit.

It is a system for home use that you can install on the wall without a hassle. 

Buying Guide for Urinal for Home

Here are some top features that can ensure you get the best urinal for use at home.

  • Size: Although urinals are known to take less space, they come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Some are large and can take a lot of space – measure where you intend to install your product. 
  • Number of Users: For a home with many men, you might require more than one urinal. That means you should consider the space you have in your bathroom to know the number you can fit. 
  • Bathroom Remodels: You might be constrained in terms of space if you are remodeling your home.  Figure out the things you wish to install in your washroom before you buy the urinal.
  • Urinal Cost: You should plan your budget to ensure that you choose a model you can afford. These products can cost under $100 to over $1,000. 
  • Flush Options: You can find both the manual flusher and automatic ones. The auto can prevent you from catching germs that might be in the flushing lever. 
  • Aesthetics: These products come in all kinds of styles and designs – choose the one that matches your home. Most of the models come in cotton white finish, but you can also find other colors.
  • Design: The design of the model you pick should be attractive and offer functionality. Some units let the urinal flow without flushing.
  • Cleaning: You should choose a product that you can clean with ease. That is vital if you decide to choose a waterless urinal.
  • Installation: Most products are mounted on the wall and require professional plumbing. You can also find some units that you can carry with ease when fitting.  
  • Water Usage: Always choose a model that conserves water and has a WaterSense certificate. You can bet your water bill will go down if you use minimal water. 

Final Words

The best urinals for home can keep your bathroom operating and save water. Take a moment to pick out the right one for your needs and one that can provide value for money. 

Best Urinal Home
Best Urinal Home
Best Urinal Home
Best Urinal Home
Best Urinal Home
Best Urinal Home
Best Urinal Home

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