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The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets

By Krimkus

Are you tired of calling your plumber regularly to fix your toilet? Do you feel like there is more you can do to avoid these clogging issues? 

There is a solution; installing the best pressure assist toilets can ensure you say goodbye to your plumber. They come with pressure vessels that draw pressure from the water supply line for non-clog robust flushing operation.

This article looks at the top pressure-assisted toilets you can find on the market today.

Pressure Assisted Toilets

Pressure Assisted Toilet Reviews for 2020

Keep reading to find out about the top-rated pressure-assisted toilets on various markets today.

1. KOHLER K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Elongated Toilet

The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
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It is a two-piece toilet that is easy to assemble by attaching the bowl to the tank. The system requires the 12-inch rough-in connection to drive the waste down the sewer. 

One great thing is the elongated bowl that gives you comfort and leaves enough room. It comes with the pressure assist flushing system that ensures all the solid and liquid get down the drain with force. 

Another notable thing is the comfort height (R) of the toilet, meaning that you get a chair-height system. You can enjoy the perfect seat while standing up or sitting down. 

The model comes with a left-hand trip lever that makes it easy to flush the waste. One thing to note is the bar is made of quality material that gives it durability.

It is an eco-friendly toilet that uses 1.6 gallons per flush and comes in white color. The product is recommended for all bathrooms.

2. AMERICAN STANDARD 2467016.020 Cadet Elongated Pressure-Assisted Toilet 

The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
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The product features a pressure-assisted siphon jet that provides powerful performance to prevent your toilet from clogging. You can use your bathroom with confidence when you choose this product. 

It boasts tall height that makes it the ideal product for standing or sitting comfortably as you relieve yourself. Another feature is the two-piece design that includes a bowl and tank. 

You can bet it is easy to install the toilet since you only need to attach the two parts. It also gives you an elongated bowl that leaves enough room in restrooms with limited space.  

The product uses up to 1.6 gallons per flush to conserve water and save you on monthly bills. Besides being pressure-assisted, the model comes with the trapway design that enables smooth cleaning without blockage.

One thing I should mention is you get a coupling system that allows for easy installation. It comes in white color that is easy to clean and gives your washroom a beautiful look.  

3. AMERICAN STANDARD 2462.016.020 Elongated Pressure Assisted Toilet

The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
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The product is made of quality vitreous China material to give you a durable facility you can use for decades. It is a pressure-assisted unit you can count on to remain free of clogs. 

Another great thing is the ability to install the model in a 12-inch rough-in -it suits most existing drainages. The product combines a tank and bowl to give you a two-piece system.

It also gives you an EverClean surface that you can find easy to maintain and is usually free of stains. Its elongated bowl enables you to enjoy enough space in your bathroom. 

Another notable thing is the height, which makes it the ideal model for adults when sitting or standing. You also get a pressure-assisted siphon jet that provides the desired force.

It is a product that can give you value for the money and serve you for decades. 

4. AMERICAN STANDARD 2889518.020 H2Option Siphonic Round Front Toilet

The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
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If you want a dual flush unit, then you should try this toilet by American Standard. It allows you to choose between 0.92 and 1.28 gallons per flush – you can use the 0.92 to flush liquids.

The model is highly efficient to ensure that you use less water and save on bills. One thing to note is the system comes with a WaterSense certificate that shows you have a low consumption.

Another feature is the EverClean surface that guarantees you easy cleaning and a toilet with you can use without worrying. It also comes with a chrome-plated top that gives your product a longer life. 

There is a siphon jet bowl that provides the much-needed pressure to drive the waste down the drain. It also ensures the bowl gets a clean every time you flush your toilet.

The other thing is the trapway design that gives you an effortless cleaning session.

5. ZURN Z5562 ADA Elongated Pressure Assist Toilet

The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
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It is another dual flush system that lets you choose between 1.6 gallons and 1.0 gallons per flush. You can have confidence; it is a low flow model that saves water.

The system was designed to save you water bills by over 30%, meaning you have an eco-friendly toilet. It is made using vitreous China material that gives you the durability you desire.

The product includes a pressure-assisted tank that helps to drive the waste down the drain with ease. You also get to experience the high performance of EcoFlush technology – it gives you a clean facility with little water usage.

It comes with an elongated bowl that makes it the right unit to install in all washrooms. You get enough space to place your legs, and it boasts standard height. 

6. AMERICAN STANDARD 2462.100.020 Flowise Pressure Assisted Elongated Toilet

The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
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Another high efficiency and ultra-low consumer product is this American Standard toilet. The product uses 1.1 gallons per flush to guarantee you 31% less water usage. 

It meets the WaterSense standards to show it is a popular product you can use with confidence. The product comes as a tank and bowl, meaning you need to add the seat.

Its EverClean surface gives you a clean facility that you can use without any worry. You can connect this system with all 12-inch rough-ins, which is a plus since most restrooms have these systems. 

The model has an elongated design that leaves enough space and gives you comfort. It comes with a white color that adds décor to your bathroom.

7. AMERICAN STANDARD 288AA114.020 H2Optimum Siphonic Elongated Toilet 

The Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
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The unit is constructed of vitreous China material that ensures you get a long-lasting system. It also has an elongated bowl to leave you enough room in your bathroom. 

Its package includes a chrome finish trip lever that gives you durability and long service. Another great thing is the sanitary bar on the bowl that allows you to use a hygienic model. 

It meets the WaterSense criteria of water conservation and being eco-friendly. You can also bet of getting a clean bowl when you flush thanks to the power wash rum scrubs feature. 

The toilet uses less water of 1.1 gallons per flush, making it an ultra-efficiency model. You get the right height when you pick this toilet.

Pressure Assisted Toilets Buying Guide 

There are standard features that you can look for when buying any toilet like price, durability, ease of use, brand, and effectiveness. With that said, we have listed some things that can ensure you buy the perfect pressure-assisted toilet.

Pressure-Assisted Flush 

You need to choose the most potent pressure-assisted flush you can find on the market. You also need to ensure that the flushing does not cause a lot of noise.

One major con of having a pressure assist toilet is the noise they produce due to the forceful flushing.  

EverClean Surface 

It is a feature that you find in American Standard products, although you also find it in other toilets, but under a different name. The feature protects the bowl from bacteria, mildew, and mold. 

These are problems that arise due to toilet odors and stains. 


It is an exciting feature that lets you connect your toilet in the respective plumbing line faster. You get models with a bowl and tank coupling system that helps to save time when installing or repairing.

The technology is also present in most devices that depend on water to function. You get a fast and straightforward hookup.

FloWise Feature 

The feature is present in most water-saving toilets. It is the perfect technology to guarantee you water conservation and fewer bills. 

You can find this technology in bathtubs, showerheads, and other products that use water. It is the ideal tech to have in your bathroom since it costs a lot to maintain a functioning washroom.  

Users Review

It is advisable to look for users’ reviews, comments, and feedback before you buy a product. You can have an idea of what to expect from your pressure-assisted toilet even before you buy it.

How Do Pressure Assisted Toilets Work?

These models come with pressure tanks inside that function like water balloons. Water fills in the tank and remains under pressure.

When you flush, the valve opens, and gravity and pressure combine to give the bowl a powerful flush.

Final Words 

The best pressure assisted flush toilets can conserve water and save you on flushing bills. These products also guarantee you a clean bowl every time you trip that lever.

Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
Best Pressure Assisted Toilets
Best Pressure Assisted Toilets

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