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The Best Marine Toilets

By Krimkus

No one wants a malfunctioning toilet when they are out in the open water.

Luckily, there are hundreds of quality marine toilets that you can find on the market today.

This article provides you with the best marine toilet models to help you pick the right one for your boat. 

Marine Toilets

Review of Top 7 Marine Toilets: Top Picks 

Below we have some top marine toilets that can provide you with the service you desire.

1. JABSCO 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet 

The Best Marine Toilets
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Jabsco 37010 is a reputable marine toilet that can provide you with the service you desire when out in the sea. It offers these features:

  • Vitreous China Bowl: The bowl is made of white vitreous china material that gives it durability. It is a clean surface that helps to prevent bacteria from affecting the unit.
  • Baked Enamel Seat: The seat provides you with quality and does not crack under pressure. You also get a cover that can last for years without showing any sign of wear.
  • Flexible Impeller Pump: It is one of the most potent flush pumps you can find in the industry today.
  • Permanent Magnet Motor: The unit comes inside an enclosure and offers a stainless steel shaft.
  • Backflow Preventer: The feature ensures that the waste does not flow back into the bowl. 

2. SEALAND 3025104483 Traveler Toilet

The Best Marine Toilets
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Another toilet that can make your cruise sail a success is this model by SeaLand. It comes with these features:

  • Rim Flush Action: It is a useful feature that guarantees you a clean toilet whenever you flush. 
  • Conserves Water: The model uses less than 0.5 liters of water for every flush. 
  • Anti-Siphon Vacuum: It is a vacuum break that helps to protect the potable water supply. That means the toilet does not use electricity.
  • No Odor: Another great thing is the fresh, clean operation that prevents odors that can cause bacteria.
  • Comfortable Height: The product comes with a spacious back and front height of 18-3/4 and 17-1/8 inches. 
  • Easy Use: The system is easy to use and maintain and can provide services for years.

3. NATURE’S Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

The Best Marine Toilets
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One great thing you can get when you choose this toilet is excellent customer support. You also enjoy the following features:

  • Easy Installation: You do not need an expert to install this toilet in your boat. 
  • No Odor: Another great thing is the toilet does not produce an odor that is common with most marine models.
  • No Maintenance: It is a model that you can use without maintaining or cleaning regularly.
  • 5-Year Warranty: Another great thing is the 5-year warranty that covers parts and labor. 
  • Colossal Capacity: It is a large model that can allow two grownups to use it for up to 6-week without emptying. 
  • Easy to Empty: You can empty the waste within 5-minute and get it ready for the next use. 
  • Better Design: The model provides you with the better improvement compared to the previous series. 

4. TMC Marine Electric Toilet 

The Best Marine Toilets
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The marine toilet comes with every accessory you would need to install it in your machine. You can have the best features, as seen here: 

  • Compact Design: The first great thing is the compact design that lets you place your toilet in limited spaces.
  • Boats and RVs: You can use the unit for both the RVs and boats, making it a versatile model.
  • Dual-Function Pump: It is a system that removes the need for having dry-bowl valves and hand pumps.
  • Self-Priming Flush: You only need to press a button to enjoy the rinse feature of the toilet. 
  • Vitreous China: Another great thing is durability when you enjoy it when you choose this product.
  • Lightweight Design: It is a product you can move around with ease when installing.
  • Low Maintenance: You can get time to do other things since this system requires less maintenance.

5. JOHNSON PUMPS 80-47229-01 Aqua Toilet 

The Best Marine Toilets
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Another toilet that you can take out in the seas is the Johnson Pumps Aqua Toilet. It comes with great features as outline here:

  • Compact Design: It is a compact model that you can fit in places with limited spaces.
  • Manual Operation: The product allows you to control its operation due to the standard features. 
  • Vitreous China: The material provides you with a smooth surface that you can clean without a hassle. 
  • Corrosion Free: You can also take the toilet in saltwater, and it does not corrode or rust. 
  • Ergonomic Design: You can mount the piston pump on the right or left to meet your needs.
  • Reliable: Another great thing is the reliability you get from this quiet operation unit.
  • Hygienic: The product provides you with a clean bowl that does not attract odor or stains.  

6. JABSCO Twist ‘n’ Lock Manual Head Marine Toilet 

The Best Marine Toilets
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It is the perfect model for any person looking for a versatile marine toilet. The reasons for that include:

  • Twist ‘n’ Lock: It is a safety handle feature that also controls the flush lever to keep your unit safe.
  • Multi-Mounting: You can place the pump to suit the left or right-hand users.
  • Powerful Swirl: It is a feature that allows you to enjoy effective flushing to get lid of all waste. 
  • External Seal Housing: The feature makes it possible for the user to clean the toilet quickly. It also allows you to replace the pump without a hassle.
  • Powerful Self-Priming: The feature allows you to install the pump below or above the waterline. 
  • Added Hygiene: It comes with smooth moldings and contours that ensure you have a hygienic toilet.
  • Angled Pump Housing: It helps to provide better operation compared to using other models.

7. DOMETIC 300 Series Standard Height Toilet

The Best Marine Toilets
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The toilet was designed with the sailors in mind because it can allow you to hit the sea with confidence. It comes with some quality features like:

  • Stylish Seat: The unit comes with a full-size residential-style seat that adds comfort. 
  • Triple-Jet Bowl Rinse: It is a feature that guarantees you have a clean toilet every time you use it.  
  • Polypropylene Plastic: The material makes the toilet to last longer, be lightweight, and remain stable.
  • Value for Money: It is a product that provides value for the money thanks to its many features and durability. 
  • Gravity Flush: The system makes use of gravity force to clear all the solid from the bowl. 
  • Conserves Water: It only uses a single pint of water to leave the bowl clean. 
  • Unique Design: The design allows you to place the toilet in areas with limited spaces.

Marine Toilets: Buying Guide 

What should you consider when buying a marine toilet? Here we have covered the vital features: 

  • Eco-Friendly: Your unit should not be a threat to other people. It should remain free of bad small and offer reliable disposing power.
  • Material: The material should be durable and waterproof. It should also endure power and last for years. That material should also remain free of corrosion.
  • Less-Noisy: Your toilet should produce minimal noise to avoid irritating others.  

Types of Marine Toilets 

There are four types of marine toilets:

Electric Marine Toilet: It is a model that features a pump, an impeller, and a chopper. The pump helps to flush the water.  

The unit requires charging, and it can serve for a long time before recharging. You can install it below or above the waterline.

Manual Marine Toilet: They are standard toilets that you can get at a low price. The model uses a foot pump to flush the waste.

The content goes to a waste tank.  

Portable Marine Toilet: It is the perfect toilet model for sailors because you can carry it with ease. The unit is also easy to install and comes in a compact size.  

Such a product is recommended for cars, boats, RVs, and other places. It is ideal for tight spaces. 

Composting Marine Toilet: It is a model that removes the odor by composing the solid. The system does not use water and is friendly to the environment. 

Marine Toilets: FAQ

Let us look at some of the repeatedly asked questions about marine toilets. 

Q: How Do Marine Toilets Work?

A: These toilets come with macerator pumps that connect to the ceramic toilet and grids the waste. It is then moved to a storage holding tank that is emptied offshore.  

You can activate the process by pressing buttons on the control panel. 

Q: What is a Marine Toilet?

Marine toilets are products made to provide a sanitary condition for sailors while out sailing. You should note that a standard toilet cannot work effectively on a boat.  

Marine toilets are made to withstand the rough sea to avoid spilling from the bowl. 

Q: If Your Marine Toilet Has a Y Valve What Must You Do in a No Discharge Zone?

A: You should secure the Y-valve with a padlock or non-releasable wire tire when in the No Discharge Zone. This is a water body that is prohibited from any discharge of treated sewer.

Q: How to Winterize a Marine Toilet?

A: Follow these steps when winterizing your marine toilet:

  • Pump the holding tank out with fresh water 
  • Take out the raw water intake pipe and place it in a bucket with antifreeze. 
  • Flush the head – this will circulate the antifreeze via the lines to the holding tank
  • Double clamp the pipe on to the seacock 
  • Ensure that the raw water strainer is filled with antifreeze and purged

Final Words

The best electric marine toilet can let you stay in the sea for weeks without needing to empty it. There are models from different brands, each offering exceptional features, as you have seen from the product review above.

Best Marine Toilets
Best Marine Toilets
Best Marine Toilets
Best Marine Toilets
Best Marine Toilets
Best Marine Toilets
Best Marine Toilets

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