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The Best Earplugs

By Kei Lam (thetravelphilosophy.blogspot.hk)
Oversensitivity to noise (sometimes comes along with vibration) has always been the archenemy to some. It pains you especially when you are in need of concentration or sleep but surrounded by strangers during a trip. For those who are sensitive to noise, ordinary soft foam earplugs, noise canceling earbuds and headphones never really works.

Some soft foam earplugs are shaped in order to fit into your ears, leaving less space that may transmit air-borne noise. It works better with the noise canceling headphones. Wearing the noise canceling headphones for long hours however will pain your ears, head, or possibly your neck too. And both soft foam earplugs and noise canceling headphones do little to help with the vibration coming along with the noise and the source of noise which is not air-borne but through walls or other types of medium.

The best is to try to relax and not to be annoyed or angered when being disturbed by noise. White noise helps a little; using a lower register of white noise is best for sleep. Distracting oneself from the negative emotional response to being disturbed also helps, such as focusing on or enumerating other sense experience.

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