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The Best 48 Inch Bathroom Vanities for Mid-Sized Layouts

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

The 48″ vanity is one of the most common sizes. Measuring exactly 4 feet in width, this vanity is often used in mid-sized bathrooms. It’s flexible enough to house a double sink basin or give you plenty of counter space around a single basin 48″ vanity.

I know the feeling of shopping for something and falling in love with a particular item only to find out that they don’t carry it in your size. It’s frustrating! The 48″ vanity is one of the most common sizes so I decided to make this list to help some of you with some of my top picks. Also, stick around for my Smart Shoppers Tip.

Best 48 Inch Bathroom Vanity

The 47.5″ Mesa Single Pedestal Bathroom Vanity is the ideal choice for anyone who values simplicity, elegance, and beauty.

My Top 5 Picks for the Best 48″ Bathroom Vanities

1. 48″ Cortona Single Bath Vanity by Silkroad Exclusive

48 Inch Cortona Vanity by Silkroad Exclusive

The 48″ Cortona Vanity by Silkroad Exclusive.

The 48″ Cortona Vanity comes with Victorian styling and a charming off-white finish. Solid wood has been painstakingly crafted by hand to decorate this vanity with accents from the Art-Deco period. I really love it in this size because it’s not too big and not too small. It’s just the perfect size to add a little Victorian decor to your bathroom without overpowering the room with a big and bulky vanity.

2. 48″ Celine Double Bathroom Vanity by JWH Imports

48 Celine Double Vanity from JWH Imports

The 48″ Celine Double Vanity from JWH Imports.

What I like most about the Celine vanity is its rounded basin that protrudes slightly from the rest of the cabinet. It’s a one piece bsin with 2 faucets. It’s almost like a trough sink but the sinks are separated in the middle. This was done to keep with the modern fashion of this vanity. It has plenty of storage space with chrome feet that raise the cabinets off the ground to allow a positive flow of air amid humid bathroom conditions.

3. 48″ Aquarius Single Bath Vanity by Ambella Home

Aquarius 48 Inch Vanity

The Aquarius 48″ Bathroom Vanity by Ambella Home.

The Aquarius Vanity stand out from the rest. It’s handcrafted from a rare Mindo Wood that naturally resists fungi and decay.  That means that the Aquarius not only looks great, it won’t be affected by moisture after you take long steam showers.  A true work of art, every detail is handcrafted all the way down to the textured driftwood finish.

4. 48″ Premiere Single Vessel Sink Vanity

48 Inch Premiere Single Bath Vanity

The 48″ Premiere Single Bath Vanity.

It’s obvious to tell why I choose this vanity. It integrates several popular trends into one design. The first thing that strikes you is the trapezoid vessel sink that site atop a white Carrera Marble top. You can also switch this out for a Ivory marble but it looks much better the way it is. Secondly, it has open space shelving right in the middle. The gives an open and inviting sense as your vanity waits on your every need.

5. 48″ Caroline Single Bath Vanity by Virtu USA

48 Inch Caroline Single Bath Vanity by Virtu USA

The 48″ Caroline Single Bath Vanity by Virtu USA.

Another beautiful white vanity, this is the 48″ version of the popular Caroline Vanity from Virtu USA. It follows the same theme with a white finish topped with Italian Carrera marble. It’s also good for your health and I’m not kidding. It’s made from zero emissions solid oak wood. You won’t experience the same strange chemical smell that is typical of other types of home furniture.

Smart Shoppers Tip

Shopping for a cabinets with specific dimensions can seem like an endless process. Not if you follow this Smart Shoppers Tip. Look for sites that allow you to filter your options. For example, Tradewinds Imports.com allows you to shop for vanities by a set size range and also to the exact dimensions. That way, you don’t have to flip through 20 pages of vanities that won’t even fit into your bathroom!

Shop for 48″ Bathroom Vanities from Tradewinds Imports.

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Cheryl Khan is a designer and writer at Tradewinds Imports.com, an online specialty site dedicated to retailing fine bathroom furnishings. She has extensive knowledge about all the finer details that go into planning the perfect bath renovation project and is an expert on all things bathroom! Send her your bathroom Q’s on twitter @SuperInteriors!

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