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The Benefits Of Skiing

By Simplypiste @simplypiste

The Benefits Of Skiing

Most people would associate a holiday with sun, sand and swimming pools, or thoroughly exploring a famous city. However, one holiday that people don’t generally think of is actually one of the best for you, and that’s skiing.

A lot of people avoid skiing holidays because they don’t associate a holiday with a lot of exercise, cold temperatures and snow. However, a skiing holiday could actually be one of the best things you’ve ever experienced and once you’ve tried it you’re sure to go back year on year.
There are loads of benefits that skiing has on the body, here are just a few:

Skiing tones and builds muscle; skiing, along with swimming, is one of the only sports that exercises the entire body. Swimming is a great exercise because you’re continually twisting and turning and using your limbs to their maximum capacity; it’s the same with skiing, the constant twisting, turning and jumping will use a lot more muscles than you will feel and you will see the difference.

Skiing is also a great sport if you’re trying to lose weight. Depending on the intensity and the type of skiing you choose to take part in you could burn up to a massive 1,000 calories each hour. You can’t just get straight onto the slopes as a beginner and expect to do this though; if you want to burn a decent amount of calories when you’re out there then you’re going to have to practice when you’re at home. Whatever the intensity you decide on though, you can be sure you’ll be burning more calories than if you’d holidayed in hotter climates as it takes a lot more energy to keep the body warm in colder temperatures.

It’s also a great sport for improving the health of your heart; skiing requires a lot of energy which therefore gets your heart pumping much faster. This is a great thing for everyone, no matter how fit you are because it ultimately makes your heart muscle much stronger and circulation much faster.

Not only is skiing a great way to improve your overall fitness and health of the body, it’s also brilliant for your mood. When you do any kind of physical activity endorphins are released by the body which automatically improve your mood. The amount of endorphins that are released depends on the intensity of the sport so because skiing is incredibly intense, your mood will be improved for longer.

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