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The Benefits of Getting Off the Couch

Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Orlandobands @Obands


By Quinton J Sheer, Esq.

I’ve always loved going to see independent music shows. I get to hang with friends, meet new people, and hear some good tunes.  But all too often regular indie concert goers are made up of only music fans and not other musicians. Sure some musicians make the effort to at least pretend to care about their fellow bands in the scene but too many are only seen at their own shows or maybe only to promote their own shows.

A recent conversation with Jonzey, bad ass fem fatale bass player for Sarasota, FL’s hard rock four piece, The D.O.O.D. (The Distinguished Order of Disobedience) demonstrated the huge value in going out when you’re not playing.

Q: How often do u go out to other band’s shows?

[Guitarist] Ray and I go to shows just about every weekend as fundage will allow. We focus on shows that are featuring  bands or venues that have supported us. We commonly drive out of town to support our local friends because we know how much it means to look out into the crowd and see family and friends. We also hold a local jam night on Fridays at our warehouse and many musicians gather and jam out cover tunes and all are welcome.

Q:  Do you have set goals when you go out?

All we really do at the shows is mingle and meet people. It is a chance for us to get to know the people who are willing already to go out to shows. If we have a big show coming up we may pass out flyers or talk it up, but for the most part it just about making friends and having a good time.

Q:  What’s something you’ve learned from seeing others perform?

I have learned a lot from others, but most importantly is passion. I have seen bands that can make you “feel” their song and I have seen others that just seem to be going through the motions. Another thing that is important is to be well rehearsed and know your parts.

Q: Any tips on selling more merch at shows?

I find that I make more sales walking around and asking others if they would like to buy something when I get off stage and initiating conversations than I do just anchored down to a table waiting for someone to stroll by.

Q: What’s a big DON’T when going out to others’ indie shows?

I think that the biggest faux pas would be talking shit about other bands and/or musicians. We should be there to support others and too often people are competing. We should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. I can always find something that a band does well. One of my favorite parts about being in the scene is watching bands and musicians grow with time.

Q:  I know “fundage” is scares for many. Is it tacky to ask to be on another band’s guest list?

I have been on lots of guests lists in my time but it is not from asking the bands. Many times bands aren’t even given this perk now days. However owners and promoters who see us at every show often just waive us in or ask us if we’re coming so they can put us on the list.

Q:  What’s a benefit The D.O.O.D has received from all this effort?

The benefits to supporting the scene are endless. You make friends and fans; you see what works and what people want to hear; your stage show improves; you are offered more shows, etc. If we want there to be a scene then it is our responsibility to create it.

Q:  Why go out of you don’t know any bands on the bill?

We have to show venues that we support them when they support local original music. You can be the best and in the world but if there is no place to play……

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