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The Belly Dancing Chicken Whisperer

By Chooksandroots @chooksandroots

The belly dancing chicken whisperer

When you find yourself standing in the garden, in full belly dancing gear (plus wellies), holding Winnie the chicken, you know you have either  been a good egg to someone, or you’ve been well and truly stitched up.

Said friend is doing a photography course, and was on the lookout for anyone with ‘an unusual hobby’. Being the helpful sort that I am, I offered to ask my belly dancing class if they wouldn’t mind her lurking around one week; I thought all the jingly belts and swishy scarves might make for an interesting picture.

She then informed me that it was actually ‘Portrait’ week, so what she really needed was a snapshot of just one person’s life, in their own environment. Realisation dawned that I’d just won the Willy Wonka golden ticket for a modelling session… looking like an extra in a bad Bollywood film.

In desperation, I tried the old “I’m the most unphotogenic person in the world” chestnut (actually true), but she was having none of it.

“Wouldn’t you rather have a picture of me mucking out the chickens?”, I tried again, thinking that if I’m going to be photograhed, it may as well be doing something I’m at home with.

“You’ve got chickens?” she excitedly replied… “That’s brilliant!”

I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking I was indeed, off the hook… but she carried on, “I can have a picture of you -  in your belly dancing gear -  holding a chicken! It will make a fantastic portrait!”.

I’m expecting a Christmas bonus from the good  karma fairies…

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